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9 freelancer portfolios designed to stand out
If your portfolio website looks a whole lot like ... (And, for transparency’s sake, she’s now found a home on our QA team!) Her enthusiasm for her craft shines in both the design and copy of her portfolio. This page is a good representation of how.

What To Include In A UX Design Portfolio Website
But just like all designers, illustrators, and programmers, you’ll need a portfolio ... The best design is one that keeps people on the page reading and engaged with your content. I do have to critique one aspect of Simon’s website: the lack of.

Home Sweet Home: Strategies of Home Page Design
So, this object of design effort is strategically significant as most users dealing with a final web product in vast majority of cases have a chance to interact with a home page, even if it’s not a place from which they start a journey around the website.

How to create a web design portfolio
designer Daniel Spatzek wows viewers from the get-go using attention-grabbing WebGL and CSS tricks on his home page. Web design portfolio of Daniel Spatzek. Although he uses sophisticated code under the hood, the beauty is also in the simplicity it.

5 One-Page Web Design Templates for Businesses and Brands
Have you ever wanted to create a website for your brand ... important for realtors and home owners to explore their options with creating a site for the actual listing and sale of their property. Again, a one-page site design is perfect for setting.

Web Designer Help: 5 Best Services to Create a Website [Sponsor]
This cloud website builder meets the needs of newbies and web design pros due to the range of features it offers. The service may be used to launch different website types, such as promo websites, portfolios ... building a one-page website with a ready.

Responsive Web Design for Enterprises
If you want to speed up technical news, you probably have heard at least a little of the hype around responsive web design ... responsive public home page www.microsoft.com. This not only took full advantage of the modern device portfolio, but also.

The Top 10 essentials of a contemporary web design
Which of these design elements are you ... The visual impact that a web page produces on its visitors is one of the key issues to think about when you are designing a web page, particularly the home page. So, you should choose images carefully in order.

20 Best New Portfolio Sites, September 2017
I particularly like the presentation of featured project on the home page. It just feels elegant ... it only appears when hovering over portfolio links, so that’s better. Ezequiel Bruni is a web/UX designer, blogger, and aspiring photographer living.

20 Memorable Web Design Portfolios to Inspire Your Own Website
and in fact dedicates his portfolio to the era. A single page layout with embedded videos, images, and clever scroll effects show all his experience and skills off nicely. Why it’s special: Daniel shows off both his graphic and web design skills.