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The Best Free Design Portfolio Sites For Getting Your Name Out There and Landing a Job
Designer Ruari Shepard’s featured web design concept Bon is an example of making the most of a Behance portfolio ... Eldin Heric’s Potato Landing Page shows how a clean, simple design concept can generate tons interest on Dribbble (214,995 views.

8 great graphic design portfolio sites for 2018
Whoever your graphic design portfolio site is aimed at, you have to remember that people’s time and attention is limited. Employers, to take one example, may look at dozens ... Saatchi&Saatchi and CUBOCC. The one-page portfolio site is a tricky thing.

6 Bad UI Design Examples & Common Errors of UI Designers
Before diving deeper, let’s see what is exactly the user interface design? It’s just like I wish to feel welcomed when I visit your house, and every coming visitor of website would ... All kinds of page templates and sample projects can get you.

6 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Ecommerce Website Design
Not only does online shopping offer the convenience of buying something while sitting at home, but also allows consumers to ... so that people enjoy looking at them. Check out this example of a website with great quality images: Your product descriptions.

A Practical Guide For Creating the Best Website Color Schemes
While many articles on color and web design direct you on how to create ... to such effect by using just one connecting color. For example, when visitors are moving to the product page from the home page, you can use your brand color for headlines to.

Defined Contribution Plan Portal Design Trends
Early versions of web portals for plan participants only provided ... Souza asks. Figure 1 shows a sample Fidelity plan portal home page that includes the participant’s health and insurance accounts in addition to DC-plan information.

Film and Furniture website relaunches
The home page for Film and Furniture’s relaunched website. LONDON — Film and Furniture ... Visitors to the site, filmandfurniture.com, can find, for example, seating from Christian Grey’s luxury apartment in the “Fifty Shades” series or the.

The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More in UX Design
It can be anything, from debating if you want to sleep for another 5-minutes to deciding if you want to get a beer with your colleague after work or simply go home and watch the ... creating an effective web design that converts. Create a consistent.

Gestalt Theory for UX Design: Principle of Proximity.
One of the previous articles here has started the series of posts devoted to Gestalt theory and ways to effectively apply it in UX design. For a brief ... and group them effectively. For example, let’s look at Slopes website. The links to the core.

Sports Websites Design: Tips, Inspiration, and Best Practices
Unless you’re experienced enough to design a professional ... sites to make the website more credible. Most of all – invite visitors to share their opinions and to comment on latest news – you can even build a dedicated forum page and enable users.