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10 vastu tips for a peaceful, prosperous home this festive season - Hindustan Times
If you believe in vastu shastra -- the study of traditional Hindu architecture -- follow these as tips. If not, there is not harm bringing a little novelty to your sweet home . It is festival season and renewed furnishing will simply make your home.

After Supreme Court's ban on firecrackers' sale, will this Diwali be less noisy and less toxic? - India TV
But expecting a noise-free Diwali was asking for too much. "The Supreme Court ban will help. Crackers are not easily accessible. It is good . But the problem is larger. It will be less toxic and less noisy but not a completely a cracker-free Diwali.

Best Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying a plot of land - onmanorama
The plot of land in which a house is built can affect your happiness, success and prosperity, says Vastu shastra . According to experts, a house built on an inauspicious plot can bring bad luck to its inhabitants. Hence, it is always better to ensure.

An evergreen splendor that draws admiring stares from passersby - onmanorama
With its strict adherence to the principles of Vaastu , the house had the added blessings and instructions from renowned astrologer Kannipayoor, whose tips helped the designer craft out the structure. The house has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

20 Practical Vaastu changes for a happy home - Times of India
Vaastu, which literally means ' house ', is a science (shastra) of arranging the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete harmony. Experts say that the fundamental principle of vaastu shastra is to add value to a man's life. Behind.

Vasthu way to make your home stress-free -
In Vasthu Sastra (Indian science of architecture), our house and our body are regarded as mass vibrating energies and both forces should remain in harmony for dwellers to enjoy good health, peace of mind and happiness. It does not matter whether you.

What is vastu shastra? And how can it improve your home? - The Boston Globe
Vastu is based on ancient Vedic texts that describe principles of design for everything from entire communities to temples to individual homes . (β€œ Vastu ” is the Sanskrit word for dwelling or building; β€œ shastra ” is a teaching.) The idea is to integrate.

Vaastu Fails To Bring Good Luck, Karnataka Man Takes Consulting Agency To Court -
After spending Rs 5 lakh to redesign home according to vaastu , to β€œward off the evil forces that were preventing the wedding of his daughters,” a Karnataka man has approached the Consumer Court seeking damages. According to The Hindu, Mahadev&nbsp.

Easy to follow Vastu tips for your house
Your home is the most comfortable place to be, and it is by itself your most priced possession. Along with paying your utility bills, buying grossary, doing your interiors etc. If a few tips of Vastu Shastra are followed, it ensures a good health of your.

How to decorate your house using Vastu guidelines - Times of India
If not, a simple Vastu consultation will help you correct it with a simple Vastu remedy. In case you wish to use rangoli as decoration, a few tips follow. For a North zone entrance, avoid using red, purple and orange colours and triangular designs . Use.

Important Vaastu Shastra tips for Pooja room – Check out - Zee News
Here are a few tips which will help you find the best way to design your Pooja room . Last Updated: ... New Delhi: It is important to follow Vaastu Shastra tips when you are designing your home , each room and every nook and corner of a home . When it.

5 Common Household Items That Bring Good Luck & The Correct Direction To Place Them - DailyBhaskar
Your house is a place which you dream of making perfect in every aspect. Vastu shastra , the ancient science of architecture and space- lends a lot of knowledge in this regard. Today, we can employ the rules and advice of Vastu to create positive energy.