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UK students help design new public space on Southland Drive - Lexington Herald Leader
Radtke and Patrick Lee Lucas, the director of the School of Interiors at UK's College of Design , have helped oversee the “Retrofitting the Retro” project. Lucas said they hope the city and the university can team together again to work on other design.

PROPERTY: Off to university? How to brighten up a basic student room - The Westmorland Gazette
But it seems these days that every interior space needs a bit of spark and some industrial- style lighting. Simple pendant light, from £10.80, extension lead, customised from £5.68 for a plug (depending on colour), to power cable from £11.38 (depending.

How Western Michigan Quietly Became A Graphic Design Hotspot - Co.Design (blog)
“There isn't a style ; it's 'appropriate design,'” says one of the founders of a new archive of design from the region. ... “West Michigan was a hub of graphic design activity because of the paper industry, the educational programs at Western Michigan.

Terry Crews's Next Act: Designing Chairs - Co.Design (blog)
In the late 1980s, he went to college on an art scholarship at Western Michigan University –a school with a legacy of graphic design greatness–and became interested in type and graphic design . Long before wanting to be an actor, he envisioned a career.

Duke University's new alumni and visitors center is a 'modern adaptation of the campus' architectural style' - Building Design + Construction (press release) (registration)
This building was part of the original design of Duke's West Campus that was originally constructed as a private residence for a university leader and used most recently as Duke's Office of News and Communications. The renovation will remove.

SPECIAL REPORT: Jewellers in Edinburgh go the extra mile to build relationships with clients - Professional Jeweller
“Customers are very discerning,” Laing continues, adding: “Because of the nature of employment in the city, which tends to be government and finance, the general purchasing style is not particularly bling, but it's quality. ... got one of the biggest.

Start new this spring with the best minimalist interior design pieces - The Independent
key element to any interior design . Just like a piece of jewellery, it can create a powerful design statement. vita-conia-black-and-gold-bedroom-environment-hr-. Conia Black and Gold lamp from Vita Copenhagen £73. “Consider style , shape, size and.

Trump's Dictator Chic - POLITICO Magazine
Trump's design aesthetic is fascinatingly out of line with America's past and present. If you doubt it, note ... There may never have been an interior style quite as lavish as 18th-century France—a look that allows for deep, curvy marble chimney.

Renault and Central Saint Martins, UAL competition unveils car of the future at Designjunction 2017 - Automotive World (press release)
Shown for the first time at designjunction 2017, which runs 21 st -24 th September, the competition was part of a challenge by Renault to encourage the students of MA Industrial Design to think about the future of autonomous, modular car design, and how.

Meet the Interior Designer Beloved by the Beckhams and Jo Malone -
Follow the logic of the street numbers and this house is in the wrong place. But once you spot the understated exterior, there's no mistaking its distinctive stamp. While its neighbors are painted the glossy cream characteristic of the smarter swaths.

Prepare Yourself For Super-Powerful Photoshop AI - Co.Design (blog)
Images: from Deep Photo Style Transfer/arXiv/Cornell University ] All you need to do is pick a source photo that you'd like to edit, and then pick an inspirational photo with the qualities of style you'd like to copy. Then, the Deep Photo Style.

Interior design goes back to black - The Guardian
“I'd worked at M&S in Liverpool for six years before going to university , then designed sportswear for Pineapple on my work placement and had a great time living in Finchley,” says Michele, who met her first husband, a graphic designer, while studying.

La Roche student, Connellsville native wins prestigious interior design award
a collection of boutique hotels in the university towns of America. "The aesthetic of Graduate Hotels is unique and distinctive to the character of the brand," Craig says. "It provides similarities to the atypical style I initially tend to design myself.

San Antonio Interior Designer Betsy Homan, Allied ASID, Named One of 100 Top Interior Designers in the World
I'm fortunate to have worked with a client who loved everything I created," said Homan, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. "I'm one of those lucky few people who love what they do. I studied interior ... of design to fit their style and.

UK Design Proposals for Southland Drive Strike the Right Chord With the Community - UKNow (press release)
LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 15, 2016) — Next year a structure based on the work of the University of Kentucky's own interiors and landscape architecture students will pop-up along the streetscape of Lexington's Southland Drive. The structure, designed ... In.