Top 5 Interior Design Schools In India

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Top 5 Engineering Branches in India
Software engineers generally start their careers as trainee or development engineers and subsequently rise to higher designations such as design engineer ... continues to be one of the top 5 engineering branches in India. The main reason behind the.

From investment banking to realty, Nibhrant Shah places his bet on luxury
When Nibhrant Shah moved to India ... banker and Kellog School of Business alumnus. With a clear idea of what he wanted as his holiday home, Nibhrant, who has worked in the New York and the London, searched architects and interior designers from around.

Black's in style: One of America's 100 top interior designers hails from Lancaster
Todd Black graduated from Lancaster Country Day School in 1984 and Franklin & Marshall College ... He’s especially proud of the “crazy, over-the-top” Morocco-inspired design, filled with extensive tile work and rich colors from turquoise to terra.

Best Colleges for fashion
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) - located in California, FIDM is a private college which focuses on the graphic design, fashion, interior design ... No wonder FIT is ranked under the top 5 fashion schools in the world.

Gurgaon: A Mecca for young, upcoming artists
Nikhil Giridhar, chief operating officer, Best College Art, another online art platform, says that 30% of their sales across India ... 5 lakh. The buyers are young professionals for whom good art means art that suits their taste. A lot of interior.

Meet the speakers and guests at the 2017 Manila Social Good Summit
During his childhood years, he was part of the afternoon show 5 and Up. He has a Bachelors degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. John Arcilla is an actor and environmentalist best known ... work as a design principal.

Explore Singapore, Hub of Creativity
This island nation of 5 ... design schools, most Singaporean designers attend local schools. Although a few go on to pursue MFAs at RISD, Parsons, Yale or London’s University of the Arts, an American or European education conveys no special status here.

The ABC of interior design
There are many schools that ... certifications. In India, there is as yet no accreditation for courses in interior design. ii. The other option is to work with either a good firm or a well-established/ known designer. Work with the best; work for free.

Scope in interior designing
I am interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interior design. But I am a bit confused about this field’s future prospects. I have heard my higher study prospects abroad may be negatively impacted if I do my UG course in India. Is this true.