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Several sleep pod companies compete for airport space
Yotel Ltd., the London-based mini-hotel operator, operates YotelAir in four European airports, with a Singapore Changi project coming in ... its basic essential-a mattress and little else-with a design paradigm taken directly from the sarcophagus.

Andrus’ legacy: Idaho’s wild spaces, schools, nuclear cleanup
Andrus went from logging in Orofino to the governor’s mansion in 1970 before Jimmy Carter made him Idaho’s first presidential Cabinet member, recruiting him as Interior secretary ... compromise and public lands at a forum co-sponsored by Idaho Public.

German minister favors longer ban on Syrian refugees bringing families
BERLIN - German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said he favors extending ... Richard Hilmer, head of the Berlin-based Policy Matters think tank, said migration remained a key issue for German voters in the 2017 election. He said German law allowed.

A third of UK lives on inadequate income, says think tank
It said it was taking "targeted action" to raise incomes. The MIS is set by experts at Loughborough University, and is based on what members of the public think is a reasonable income to live on. Although the precise level depends on individual.

Car With Functioning Propane Grill Explodes When Woman Lights Cigarette In Guess What State
The propane tank was open on the grill, and was venting propane into the interior of the car. The woman in the car decided to light a cigarette, which ignited the propane in the car, causing an explosion that inflated the Kia’s roof and blew out the windows.

UAE think tanks spark policy reform, innovation
Abu Dhabi: The UAE has increased the number of think tanks, a move in tandem with its continuing effort ... it tried to comprehend and outmatch existing experiences to design a vision based on taking part in policy-making by using the latest methodologies.

A peek into designer HDB flats owned by interior designers
Mr Woo, who is the professional development programme chair at the Interior Design Confederation Singapore, says: "A decade ago, many of the interior design platforms did not exist. Access to information was limited to mainly design publications.

A Lykke life: the six pillars of happiness that keep the whole world smiling
Meik is particularly interested in how the way we design cities impacts our behaviour and happiness ... around a seven on the happiness scale, working for another think tank in Copenhagen. “It was a well paid job but I just wasn’t super passionate.

WOW 'lifer' uses human skeleton to create an organ-harvesting cyborg for final
A welder by trade, he pieces together gigantic gleaming constructions of stainless steel pipes, ladders and tanks."I've spent 27 years in the ... you already ARE an artist!' I started to think about myself differently after that." Even so, when he.

Original 1989 document where Heritage Foundation created Obamacare’s individual mandate
The irony, of course, is that it was Republicans, via their premiere think tank, the Heritage Foundation, who came up with the idea in the first place. As you know, the “individual mandate” requires that every American buy health insurance, if they don.