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Made Home Improvements Last Year? You Could Get a Tax Break
If you made any home improvements ... allows people 65 and older to deduct total medical expenses exceeding 7.5% of their adjusted gross income through tax year 2016. Tax credits and deductions can help make certain improvements more affordable, but.

There's a $10 billion provision in the tax plan that just passed the House — and it's really bugging the AARP
at podium, speaks about the Republicans' proposed rewrite of the tax ... homes or home care, or people with healthcare expenses that go beyond the scope of their health plans. But for those with those kinds of expenses, the removal of the deduction.

Tax Deductions and Home Sweet Home
This week, Gail discusses home improvement, home sales and moving expenses, and discusses what amount of these expenses, if any, can be claimed as tax deductions. I have a 30-year mortgage on my home that I've lived in for nine years. I have several major.

Made Home Improvements Last Year? You Could Get a Tax Break
As outlined by the IRS, examples of medical expenses include: 4. Capital Improvements Were you getting your home ready to sell? Some repairs can qualify as capital improvements. These include: Tax credits and deductions can help make certain improvements.

Tax filers in most states claim deduction targeted by GOP plans
But some reap larger tax breaks by itemizing deductions for state and local taxes, medical expenses, charitable contributions and interest paid on home mortgages. The state and local tax break is the largest of those. About 44 million taxpayers claimed.

GOP tax plans could further choke Bay Area housing market
The taxes are levied on the profit made on a home sale: the selling price minus the purchase price, and certain transaction costs and home improvements ... deduction on new loans from $1 million to $500,000, and caps state and local property tax deductions.

The Senate GOP tax bill keeps the medical expense tax deduction
“We are pleased that the Senate tax proposal includes some important improvements ... WAS ABLE TO DEDUCT THESE EXPENSES TO LOWER MY INCOME TAX BILL. There are many family caregivers in this situation. Their medical expenses also include home adaptive.

Make Sure to Take These Home Improvement Tax Deductions for 2016
Did you make home improvements in 2016? Then you might be eligible for a whole slew of home improvement tax deductions ... tax credit is good through 2019. If you or someone in your household needs accommodations for medical reasons, you can deduct those.

Tax Prep Expert Reveals Details on Home Improvement Tax Deductions
Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- Frank Ellis, a tax preparation ... Other deductions are listed as well. These include those for residential fuel cells, and micro turbine systems. There is also a medical expense home improvement deduction.