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Philippine President Duterte's First Year In Office Is Marked By Bloody War On Drugs - NPR
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gives a speech during Eid al-Fitr celebrations marking the end of Ramadan at the Malacanang Palace in Manila on June 27. ... But none of that really matters at home . ... Garcia says he was executed, plain and simple.

Militants' Siege of Philippine Elementary School Ends After 12 Hours - New York Times
Marawi urban warfare horror The Star Online.

Green living, Pinoy style - Manila Bulletin
When other people were building using stone, the Ifugaos, Maranoas, Tausugs, and other indigenous communities in the Philippines were also building their homes from what was in their environment and based on their lifestyle. “The Ifugao house is on.

A grieving husband honors his wife by curating a show of her Chinese brush paintings
lovely summers on the island in a simple house with their mother. Their father came up on weekends. It was there she fell in love with Maine and there, in Cushing, where she and her husband made their own home away from Portland, a place where they both.

Tattoos are made to be seen -
A scandal erupted when the export of some mummies was thwarted by the Bureau of Customs and a photograph of an elegant home circulated showing how one collector used a mummy as a conversation piece by installing it on the base of a living-room.

House designs Filipinos like - The Standard
More commonly known in the West as terraced houses or row houses, the townhouse style is one the most common house designs in the Philippines ' urban areas where they are commonly referred to (quite inaccurately) as “apartments” or “door apartments.

White House Defends Trump's Decision To Reach Out To Philippines' President - NPR
SEAN SPICER: Obviously there's a human rights component that goes into all of this. And so it's a balance. We want to make sure that our country, our people are protected. This isn't a simple yes or no kind of situation. LIASSON: So Spicer said don't.

The Most Popular House Designs in the Philippines
The term “minimalism” was coined for home design during the late ... pared-down design elements highlighted by simple silhouettes and lines. Minimalist homes have gained popularity over the years in the Philippines, likely due to how it fuses perfectly.

Jaime Hayon & his sexy chairs - Philippine Star
You can feel it even from Bench and Studio Dimensione founder Ben Chan, who was responsible for bringing Jaime to the Philippines . Ikebana flower ... Fritz Hansen had for decades reigned in upmarket offices and homes with its slew of chairs with catchy.

BAM! arquitectura overlaps simple volumes to create pool house in argentina - Designboom
BAM! has shared their latest project, 'CI336 house ', a expansive pool house in san isidro, argentina, designed to cater to each one of the family members. described as a conjunction of pure and simple volumes, the communal areas consisting of the.

House Hunters Off the Grid
But unlike the typical home ... wedding design and rental company in the Midwest, Marty and Erin struggled to find a work-life balance. They share a goal to break away from the day to day running of their hectic businesses and live a simple life with.