Simple Home Decoration For Diwali Pooja

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Your Complete Diwali Puja Vidhi Guide
Such is the splendour on Diwali that it is easy to forget ... Apart from Lakshmi Puja, Lord Kubera, or the treasurer of Gods, is also worshipped on Diwali. For Kuber Puja, worship the locker or safe in which you keep gold and cash at home.

Amazon doubles seller count, products for upcoming festival season sale
named ‘Diwali Bazaar’ with a selection of diyas, rangoli, puja thalis, incense sticks, idols of gods and goddesses, lights & lanterns, home décor, festival ethnic wear, sweets, chocolates, gift hampers, festival home furnishings and Indian accessories.

Easy Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali
Well we'd say you just hold on to those colourful bangles as we're going to give you some brilliant and unbelievably easy-to-do decorative festive ideas ... You have it all at your home and we'll tell you how to use things at home to decorate your house.

Pooja Room Designs and Decor
Find pooja room designs and decoration ideas for Diwali and Dussehra ... DIY for kids .Collection of amazing DIY ideas for home and office If you're looking for easy Diwali card ideas, we have the best DIY Diwali card ideas for kids - Kandils, crackers.

Eco-friendly decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi
Twist and mould them into any shape and pattern of your creative desire and watch the lights illuminate your home. Needless to say, these may be reused for your imminent Diwali decorations ... you can also make use of the puja essentials for Ganesh.

Easy Tips To Revamp Your Home For Diwali
From buying new dresses, getting new household things, shopping decorative items, lights, crackers and apparels to revamping home interiors, Diwali renews anything and everything. With simple ... for Diwali decorations. Clean your pooja room and arrange.

How Newlyweds Can Perform A Traditional Diwali Puja At Home
Recommended Read: 8 Simple Steps To Host The Perfect Diwali Party All you women out there, here is all that you need to know about performing a traditional Diwali puja at your home. As for newlywed women, who are living with their in-laws, you can use.

DIY: Diwali Home Decoration Ideas | Themes
I guess most of you will be busy with Diwali shopping, cleaning and with all the sweets & savoury preparation, among all this busy things we also need to think how to decorate our home ... some pooja place decoration idea. My mom would make a simple.

This 3,800 sq ft house in Kozhikode is bathed in beauty
The house had to be simple and elegant with serenity reigning indoors ... The special place reminds one of a pooja room from where all the positive forces come. Another feature is the toughened foldable glass door at the formal living.

Decorate your puja room for Diwali
Pooja room should be east facing, according to vastu shastra. Pooja room is also used for meditation by many people. It is strongly advised that even if you are having a space crunch at your home ... The traditional decoration for Diwali is the rangoli.