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CIPIUELLE architecture and interior design FIRENZE
The site is positioned on the side of Lion’s Head and has fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean to the… Continue Reading → SAOTA - Home to international architecture & design practice based in Cape Town, South Africa presents a architectural.

20 Modern Modular Sofas and Sectionals Ushering in Decorating Ease
Exquisite modular sofa in gray from DFS Large white sectional coupled with bright red floor lamp Marble coffee tables coupled with semi-circular sofa with modular ease Modern modular sofa from Arketipo Firenze coupled with lovely lighting Chic modular.

Arcadia Redefines Yacht Design With New A100+
The yacht itself is a combination of innovation and design. It features floor-to-ceiling windows, not only allowing plenty of light to come into the interior, but also to give you the most splendid vista’s to admire. They combine this with 540 square.

Start new this spring with the best minimalist interior design pieces
The experts at VITA Copenhagen know that a light fitting should be suited to the room; A central, stunning pendant lamp is a key element to any interior design. Just like a piece of jewellery, it can create a powerful design statement. “Consider style.

The Growing Business of Concealed Carry Accessories
Vinci Firenze sits at the higher end of the concealed carry accessories market, as does Designer Concealed Carry ... showing potential customers the bag’s stiff, removable interior panel, to which a holster attaches. Slide that out, and it’s an.

Interior Design Tips for Tiny Houses and Spaces
Even if you’re working with a limited amount of square footage, if you can create a functional, open design it’s going to feel bigger and more open. Separating the space in unnecessary ways is the last thing you want to do with your interior design.

Corridor House
A university project in which a 30-year-old designer’s home is housed and placed in an open space in an extra-urban area. The building is made up of a lofty (lofty) base with mt.4×14 hut roof and high side walls respectively 5.50 meters and 4.00 meters.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600 For Sale (1964)
The Pininfarina-designed Tipo 750/101 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider of 1955 was a modern design for its time with a monocoque ... this very attractive Spider has spent nearly all its life in Firenze (Florence). First registered on the 21st July 1964 to.

An Interior Design Meets Italian Feast Delight at King West’s Oretta
Oretta, meaning “about an hour,” features a sun-soaked dining room with central horseshoe bar which is flanked by retro chic design-candy. The 220-seat Art Deco-inspired restaurant by Salvatore Mele (of Capocaccia) took a year and a half to build.

An Olivette Couple Aims for Extraordinary in Their Bathroom Remodel
The backstory: “This bathroom was not bad — it was just ordinary, and my clients were looking to do something extraordinary,” says interior designer Arlene Allmeyer of RSI Kitchen & Bath. The room had a beautiful picture window, but the space in.