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Citation Hemisphere Taking Shape in Static Mockup - Aviation International News
For the past six months, a team of engineers, technicians and interior specialists have been assembling the cabin mockup of the largest Citation ever developed by Textron Aviation's Cessna unit, the new large-cabin Hemisphere. The mockup was publicly.

Model 18 Twin Beech: Father's Day - AOPA Pilot
Although this accusation was hotly denied, it is doubtful if the truth will ever be known. Walter Beech justified his tail design on the then-popular belief that β€œa modern twin-engine airplane should have a rudder behind each engine for optimum [single.

Inside the Factory Building the World's Smallest, Cheapest Private Jet - WIRED
After more than a decade in development, Cirrus Aircraft has finally begun delivering its new SF50 Vision Jet to the first of more than 600 customers who've queued up for it. The curvy v-tailed ... It also happens to be fun to fly and a gorgeous piece.

A310 Loses Rudder, Prompts Fleetwide Inspections, Inquiry
An Air Transat A310 lost its rudder ... his aircraft's rudder pedals into an involuntary aircraft/pilot coupling (APC) during a wake turbulence encounter (ASW, Jan. 31). He allegedly overstressed the vertical fin to as much as 1.93 times its design.

Used Aircraft and the Art of Refurbishing: Part II
Centennial Aircraft Services in Battle Creek ... His speed mods include aileron and flap hinge fairings, and rudder cable fairings. The interior was done up with a nice, cream colored leather. The wing skins were replaced with new fabric and the entire.

Photos: American's First Boeing 737 MAX 8 Makes Flightline Appearance - (blog)
β€œ Designing aircraft interiors is an art and a science. It requires us to take into account customer ... The airline's first 737 MAX 8 is visible on the Renton flightline with a painted rudder and green fuselage. Even though delivery is coming in fall.

Daher Team Displays Morane-Saulnier Parasol Replica - Aviation International News
Daher brought a replica Morane-Saulnier Type L Parasol World War I training airplane to its EAA AirVenture display this year, after an intensive six-year construction process by a team of volunteers consisting of retired and active Daher employees. The.

Exploring the evolution of aircraft materials
Much has evolved in aircraft engineering over half a century. Some changes are noticeable – such as interior alterations to accommodate ... from the floorboards and window gaskets to the rudders and wings. As the cost of oil has risen, demand for more.

The Rise and Rise of Regional Aircraft - Aviation Week
Despite the initial market hesitation toward regional aircraft , a handful of forward-thinking airlines in North America, Europe and Asia signed up as Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) launch customers. The first 50-seat Bombardier CRJ100 aircraft ... The.

12 Plane Crashes That Changed Aviation - Popular Mechanics
Within five years, all jetliners were retrofitted with fire-blocking layers on seat cushions and floor lighting to lead passengers to exits in dense smoke. Planes built after 1988 have more flame-resistant interior materials. Advertisement - Continue.

Here Are 11 Pilots And Flight Attendants You Should Be Following on Instagram - Avgeekery (blog)
Pilots, flight attendants and other airline crew appear to lead a charmed life. Traveling around the world on a daily basis, their roles have been romanticized. Even if it's not all glamour and fun, their career paths make for some interesting stories.

Kemble-Cotswold Airport: Europe's Leading Airliner Recycling Location - Aviation Week (blog)
Kemble-Cotswold Airport is not a location most people have heard of, but within the airline industry it's gained a reputation as Europe's number one choice for airliner withdrawals. For decades RAF Kemble was a busy maintenance base for both the Royal.

CAE Says Pilot Training Must Grow To Meet Demand - Aviation Week
These numbers mean that over 50% of the pilots who will fly the world's commercial aircraft in 10 years have not yet started to train. β€œThis record demand will challenge current pilot-recruitment channels and development programs. In turn, new and.