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Practika details Otaman upgrade
It has a projected ballistic protection level of STANAG 4569 level II. The layout of the vehicle's interior is also extensively reworked, Vilkov said. In the original design the engine was positioned at the rear with the troop compartment in the centre.

Road deaths in France hit three-year high in July
Deaths on French roads in July hit a three-year high, according to new figures from France’s Interior Ministry ... with 53 deaths per million of its population. Road deaths in France have been steadily falling over the last decade, from 5,318 in 2005.

Boris Johnson 'fed up' with media stories from 'so-called allies'
Boris Johnson is "fed up to the back teeth" with stories in the media claiming to have come from "so-called friends and allies". The Foreign Secretary reacted to articles in the Daily Telegraph and The Sun claiming Mr Johnson was calling for Chancellor.

Romania Seizes Miners' Chief in Fierce Clash
The militant leader of Romania's coal miners was arrested today after clashes ... The police responded with tear gas, clubs and rubber bullets, and arrested 543 miners, according to the Interior Ministry. One miner was pronounced dead at a hospital after.

Bulgaria-Bound Stolen Munition Detonators Found in Romania
The rocket detonators, which were stolen from a Romanian railway car carrying military equipment to neighboring Bulgaria, have been found near the town of Chitila, Southern Romania, the country's interior ministry announced. Romanian company ROMARM.

Experts map ancient hill forts of UK and Ireland
These are external links and will open in a new window The locations and details of all ancient hill forts in the UK and Ireland have been mapped in an online database for the first time. Scientists found 4,147 sites - ranging from well-preserved forts to.

King William’s Town Express
Sourced from Romania, the new line-up was fresh ... underscored by the fitment of 15-inch wheels and 16-inch dark metal flex wheels. ) Next­level interior design: The interior’s design updates includes new centre console, new air vents, updated trims.

‘Dracula Untold’: Production & Costume Designers Talk Refreshing Dracula
What really turns me on is when you get a chance to design a world that has interior logic, it all sort of makes sense within itself. I started out with a map, building a map of Wallachia and figuring out what the geography was between the Borgo Pass and.

Cannes: Romanian Studio Facilities to Combine Under Moniker 'Solar Studios'
CANNES - Entrepreneurs are looking to put Romania's capital Bucharest on the map as a production center in Eastern Europe ... budgeting and scheduling, set design and construction, prop and wardrobe design. It also offers camera, lighting, grip and.

10 of the most breathtaking restaurants in the world
In this Instagram-obsessed world, it's all too easy to forget your surroundings. But certain spaces demand your attention, and when it comes to the world's most beautiful restaurants, there's more than meets the eye. Breathtaking settings, magnificent.