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Home Design Embraces Cozy Fall Fashion -
Designer Melissa Lewis says this cozy couch is a perfect example of fashion trends in the home. ... 603, lg- interiors .com) love to translate fashion to their interior worlds, and for recent projects, they're embracing much of what they're seeing on the.

The Story Behind The All-New Luxury Bentley Continental GT Design - Forbes
The evolution in design sees the profile of the new car longer and lower as the front wheels have been positioned further forward, thus allowing the bonnet to be extended and the nose to be lowered. The key signature lines of the original Continental.

Interior Design Tips & Trends - Roanoker
While Stephenson describes her style as more traditional, she makes herself grow and look at what's new , so she can add it to the fold. She is glad to see color is back after being gone for a long time. There are more bright, saturated colors in design.

These Are Nate Berkus's Most Brilliant Design Tips for a Gorgeous Home - The Cheat Sheet
If you're obsessed with interior designer Nate Berkus and his serious home decorating skills, you're not alone. The charming designer has appeared on numerous ... with his husband, fellow interior designer Jeremiah Brent. Plus, being a father himself.

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Each State - News
quot;The design and fashion industries and other businesses on the East and West coasts help drive the trends ," says Bonnie J. Steves, an interior designer in New York City. Of particular interest to many design mavens is contemporary style, which has.

The Top Interior Design Styles by State Will Surprise You - Architectural Digest
Custom furniture company Joybird built a list of popular interior design trends , then dove into Google Trends data to uncover their search popularity in each state over the last year. Unsurprisingly, not everyone was in agreement. Take Californians and.

Passé patterns: Six home decorating trends that are falling out of favour -
“It's not feasible for most people to completely redo their homes to keep up with every trend , but an experienced interior designer can help you create a classic and timeless look or incorporate the best of what the current trends are,” says Genevieve.

A Wall That Tracks Trends for Architectural Design - New York Times
She is drawn to contrasting elements such as the bright square red next to the patterned fabrics. Credit Tony Luong for The New York Times. I upholstered an office wall to display items that inspire me. It's trend watching, taking the pulse of retail.

New & Fresh Interior Design Ideas for your Home
this business for all of the years certainly has set the blog ahead when it comes to new interior design ideas. I have seen many new interior trends come and go and I am proud to say that I have never stuck to any one in particular, that’s why you.

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles by State - Builder Magazine
A new study from Joybird, a custom furniture company, compared the most-searched interior design terms in each state, based on Google Trends data over the past 12 months to find which styles were most popular in each state. Natalie Way and the team at&nbsp.

High Tech Interior Design Services
What if you had a designer available to work in the latest trends and what works best for your space? And what if you could see a 3D version of this design set to your room's layout? Now that's a win-win! Aaron Keller is an Interior Designer with.

Gloomy and overpowering: The new decor trend emerging from Europe - Domain News
“Black can work in Victorian and art deco homes and in super-modern designs,” says Tom House, interior designer at SJB Interiors. Choose black wisely in the confined space of a bathroom. Photo: Tom Blachford. “But it is a powerful colour, so you need.