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Turquoise Coastal Living Room Design
If you are struggling for some design inspiration just look to Mother Nature. The colors of the sand, surf and sky offer a relaxing color palette. Or, if you live further inland, your garden will offer endless color combinations.

Could a Videogame Strengthen Your Aging Brain? - WIRED
Psychologists call these types of benefits “far transfer,” and they're the ultimate goal of every brain game designer . But scientists clash over whether that ... Gazzaley published in Nature in 2013, presenting evidence that cognition in elderly.

Here's How to Tell What Your Voice Actually Sounds Like, Sans Recorder - Mental Floss
Spiders are arguably nature's finest fiber artists. Inside those hairy bodies is a highly concentrated liquid that produces multiple types of silken threads made from different protein sequences. These silks are used to make webs, create egg sacs.

25 Design Tricks That Changed the Way We Decorate - Architectural Digest
A good home design idea checks off a box, looks nice, gets the job done, etc. A great home design idea—a trick, if you will—stops you in your tracks to do a double-take. Why, you'll muse, did I not think of this before? The best are also the simplest.

When Looking Around for Solutions to Rebuilding Houston, This Country Provides Some Pretty Neat Ideas! - Mother Jones
If you have to build a levee around a sprawling subdivision, it drives up construction costs, as well as home prices — and not because the neighborhood is suddenly hip. (Strangely, the ... in the world.” Nature can always overwhelm humanity's efforts.

4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Summer -
Soft palettes inspired by nature and peppered with earthenware ceramics, textured pieces like thick woven rugs, and accents of natural elements like wood, rattan, and malachite create a serene oasis from the heat and humidity. Not to mention, these.

Home design ideas: Mid century interior decoration, furniture and walls
accent into your home design ideas – retro futuristic chandelier. These are really impressive art objects! Huge panoramic windows erase edges between home and nature «hearts». Use that Scandinavian style’s beautiful echo, if you adore window view.

Outside in: Frank Lloyd Wright's influence on interior design - Chicago Tribune
For the editor of a lifestyle magazine, Elizabeth Gordon of House Beautiful was a little wound up. The target of her wrath? "A self-chosen elite that is trying to tell us what we should like and how we should live." American ideals, she wrote in a.

Louis Moyston | Reform, boost police force - Jamaica Gleaner
In the months leading up to Independence 1962, Minister of Home Affairs, William Seivwright, wrote to Premier Norman Manley regarding the transformation of the colonial police force; that the JCF, with its thinking, would not be able to perform.

Get a lesson in style from Bald Head Island's 'Southern Living Idea House' - Port City Daily
The Idea House is designed to “provide creative ideas and inspiration for visitors,” with signage and information throughout the home on specific fabric designers, artwork, furniture, and appliances. (Port City Daily photo / CORY MANNION). “We want to.

Let your imagination fly with the fairies - Brattleboro Reformer
Mackler is a former school librarian so she has lots of design ideas . Bohannon got involved in 2016 after reading about The Nature Museum's Fairy House Festival and thinking it would be a perfect activity to do with her 8- and 10-year-old grandchildren.