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Insider Big Profile Blast from the Past: Minecraft designer Chris van der Kuyl - insider.co.uk
quot;My Dad brought one home to try and do things at weekends and I got a chance to programme it at eight or nine years old and never really stopped from there," explains van der Kuyl. He got to understand computer programming intimately because when he&nbsp.

Pixelated apartment block maximizes outdoor living space - New Atlas
ODA New York has designed an unusual apartment building in Long Island City, Queens, NYC. Named 2222 Jackson, its brutalist-like pixelated design isn't purely aesthetic, but serves a practical purpose too, providing generous outdoor living space for&nbsp.

Scientists Have Created a Concrete Roof That Generates Solar Power
Researchers in Switzerland have developed a new form of molded roofing capable of harvesting solar power. The design is expected to help a residential ... a method of harnessing solar energy to more homes than ever before. However, Tesla isn’t the.

Move over Minecraft: Monetising a new wave of user-generated content on mobile
Minecraft created the original legacy of a true open world ... Fiction and publishing houses better take note, this trend is here to stay. Design Home - Anyone can be a famous interior designer Glu’s Design Home, a perennial top 50 grossing mobile.

Free Fire director Ben Wheatley: 'I built the set in Minecraft' - The Guardian
The glass doors open on to a capacious roof terrace. It's just a short, hard drop from ... Nominally set in late-70s Boston (and executive produced by Martin Scorsese), Free Fire was actually shot in Wheatley's home town of Brighton. A cast of heavy.

The US' priciest house for sale is a Bel-Air mansion that includes 7 staffers and a helicopter - Los Angeles Times
A 007 home theatre, 12 bedrooms and a bowling alley: This is what a $333M house looks like National Post.

10-year-old builds $10 off-grid tiny home - Curbed
While other kids were off playing Minecraft or reading Where the Red Fern Grows, affordable architecture savant Callie Hilton built her own solar-powered tiny house . The 10-year-old DIY architect used reclaimed materials from her dad's workshop to.

Blog: The future of social housing design and build in Scotland is all about virtual reality - Scottish Housing News
They could readily see how the development would look in the local landscape. People were interested in materials, roof forms, massing of the buildings and, naturally, 'how will my house be affected?' ... We're already looking towards using gaming.

Novelist Max Brooks On Doomsday, Dyslexia And Growing Up With Hollywood Parents - NPR
Its central character is a nameless person who wakes up in the world of the popular video game Minecraft and must learn how to survive there. ... He says, "My father was home every night at 7 o'clock with my mother and having dinner ... which I think.

A open source toolkit for building your own home - Opensource.com
However, where OBI really "blows the roof off" prior initiatives is providing the open source machines for construction and production of building materials themselves. Users can design their own house using open source software, and can also.

This VR cycle is dead - TechCrunch
Millions of Americans donned a wacky-looking headset to get a glimpse of a different reality this week. No, not a virtual reality headset — these people were looking up at the sky through protective goggles to witness a total eclipse of the sun which.