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Research of famous architect led to purchase of dream home - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The ceilings are all cedar, and the ceiling in the living room is vaulted and has beams that form a unique design .” He recently ... A. He believed he could deliver unique homes in a contemporary design for young middle - class professionals on a budget.

Frank Lloyd Wright's lost inflatable architecture - Curbed
Frank Lloyd Wright: Celebrate the architect's 150th birthday USA TODAY.

Peter Marino, architect, calls his tattooed biker look "a decoy" - CBS News
Over the years, we've done stories on all sorts of people, but to our knowledge we have never done one on a late middle -aged man who dresses in biker gear with visible tattoos and sterling-silver skull rings. ... His talents are demonstrated in the.

Tablet Reveals the 25 Most Unusual Hotels in the World
Here are the World’s Top 25 Most Unusual Hotels as selected by Tablet: Uco Valley is being called the next Napa Valley and home to several first-class wine ... Japanese design. The rooms start out small, but the suites offer more room to spread out.

Rachel Cusk Gut-Renovates the Novel - The New Yorker
But Cusk saves her fiercest scorn for the English middle class , and that animus has caused trouble for her, not only with critics who consider her an unreconstructed élitist. One of the British expats whom she encounters in “The Last Supper” disputed.

Kasita launches sales of high-tech micro dwellings at SXSW - Dezeen
At this year's SXSW festival, an Austin-based startup has launched sales for its prefabricated tiny house equipped with systems controlled by a mobile app. The micro-housing startup called Kasita – adapted from the Spanish word for "small house" – was&nbsp.

Stories behind Hong Kong districts: Mei Foo Sun Chuen, where middle-class dreams began - South China Morning Post
If anything marked the birth of Hong Kong's middle class , it was Mei Foo Sun Chuen. Built between 1968 and 1978, the seaside ... American oil company Mobil built a depot on the shores of Lai Chi Kok in the 1920s. Nearly four decades later, it was still.

Supercommuters, skyrocketing commutes, and America's affordable housing crisis - Curbed
Our dreary national commute reflects larger choices about zoning and housing development, which add to the affordability crisis that has gotten worse over the last decade, especially for the poor and the middle class . “There is no easy fix,” says Phil.

Whether or Not the Trumps Keep Them, Separate Bedrooms Are the Ultimate Status Symbol - Vanity Fair
For this endeavor, they enlisted Choeff Levy Fischman, whose signature tropical-modern style has graced the homes of Cher and Matt Damon, and interior designer Charlotte Dunagan. ... “If you can have that extra room , it's basically a luxury.” ... (A.

The forgotten history of Japanese-American designers' World War II internment - Curbed
On January 18, 1963, architect Minoru Yamasaki appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, his disembodied head floating amidst the neo-Gothic tracery, delicate tenting, and flower-shaped fountains of his own design . The occasion was ..... Right: The.