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New 0x10c footage emerges - we talk to Notch about his game's interstellar ambition
What is clear, however, is that this is a project of considerable ambition, which brings together the principles of player-creation, multiplayer and resource-gathering that established Minecraft's ... “I'm trying to design the game so you don't have.

General Motors Not Giving a Damn in Three Photos
I’ve driven the first-generation Cruze, and while I never warmed to its exterior design, its interior accoutrements were on par with its competitors — inexpensive without being cheap, comfortable without being luxurious, functional without being spartan.

Tales of 2D and 3D 'D&D' Adventuring Part II - GeekDad (blog)
I used colored markers to shade in any white paper showing through here and there and blend in with surrounding colors/ textures . All in all, I'd estimate I got the tower fully built in under five hours (spread out over two weeks). When done, you'll be.

Minecraft Castle Building Guide - Gameranx
What you can do is take advantage of Minecraft's nonexistent physics, and start hollowing out the mountain you stand on, mining for stone and other precious stuff. ... Light your castle interior properly, so no monsters spawn inside your home at night.

Dragon Quest Builders review
It's masterly design ... The world is given added texture and interest by a cast of characters that can be found dotted everywhere: a friendly monster in a cave here, a ghostly figure atop a battlement there. In Minecraft, your sense of wonder was limited.

Door Knockers
GIBSON is an interior designer, but that doesn’t stop ... He also admired a rough-looking wrought-iron knocker based on a design by Samuel Yellin, which felt “almost medieval.” Next up was P. E. Guerin in the West Village, where he dug through.

8 Reasons 'Dragon Quest Builders' Isn't a 'Minecraft' Clone - TIME
He's sitting in my lap as a I guide a twee medieval -ish Dragon Quest character around a cartoonish orthogonal cavern. I chip away at ... If Minecraft feels random in the sense that each seed generates a completely unique world (out of a total equal to.

How A Man Born Without Eyes Plays Video Games
Toby Ott is 27 years old. He’s been playing video games since he was five, when he first tried out Mortal Kombat in an arcade. Which sounds like a fairly common gaming past, until you learn that Toby has bilateral anophthalmia, a rare condition which.

Modern icons: The stars of London's architecture renaissance
Edwin Heathcote is the architecture and design critic of the Financial Times ... street plan that emerges as a chaotic hybrid of arrow-straight Roman roads, winding medieval alleys, and marketplaces; but also well-meaning, if often half-hearted, attempts.

Bargello patterns embroider eye-catching looks for rooms
Bargello, which originated from a style of needlework found on pieces in Italy's medieval ... Interior Designer Uma Stewart Interiors & Lifestyle Design Bargello doesn't have to shout. Subtle, undulating waves lend this neutral rug the appearance of texture.

Architecture's next big thing: buildings that make us feel better
The architects responded to the near-universal aversion to the bright lights, sharp instruments and antiseptic interior of ... tells Good Weekend. Design, in this case, has waged war with fear, and won. Space, light, colour and texture have combined.

Colin & Justin: Interior design 101 in the UAE
From October 3 to 7, Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi has been transformed into one big workshop space for home interiors as design stars Colin & Justin ... decor using Yas Mall’s impressive portfolio of interior retailers. “These workshops, be it in Canada.