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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Reunites With Home Improvement Costar Tim Allen on Last Man Standing: Picture
Jonathan Taylor Thomas makes a special guest star appearance on "Last Man STanding" where he reunites with Tim Allen, his dad from "Home Improvement ... According to ABC's official description of the episode, titled "College Girl," Thomas plays a.

Last Man Standing Clip Shows Tim Allen's TV Reunion With Richard Karn
Those who have been waiting to see Home ... Improvement's Tim Allen and Richard Karn reunited on Last Man Standing will definitely want to tune into the ABC series this Friday night. It's happening! For a sample of Karn's guest appearance on Allen's.

'Home Improvement' Reunion a Prop for 'Last Man Standing'
The "Home Improvement" reunion on Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" Friday with his former TV wife Patricia Richardson featured plenty of inside jokes and nods to their 1990s hit show and a cameo from TV son Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Allen, Richardson and.

'Last Man Standing' lures Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Looks like Tim Allen got the Home Improvement reunion that he’s (probably) been dying for! EW has learned that Jonathan Taylor Thomas — who played ... ABC comedy — will guest star in a episode of Last Man Standing slated for March or April.

5 Other Shows Like ‘Last Man Standing’ To Watch Following ABC’s Cancellation
Going back to “Home Improvement ... first episode when secrets are revealed: the middle child is gay, the oldest child is anorexic, the youngest child is involved in a money scam and the parents want to get a divorce. Like “Last Man Standing.

Tim Allen: "Last Man Standing" Is "Home Improvement" With Girl Power
In case you were wondering, Tim Allen does know that his new sitcom “Last Man Standing” is pretty much “Home Improvement” with daughters instead of sons. “It isn't rocket science, what I'm doing,” says Allen, who readily admits that his new TV.

JTT On 'Last Man Standing': Watch Clips Of His 'Home Improvement' Reunion With Tim Allen (VIDEO)
This week, it's finally happening: JTT is stopping by "Last Man Standing" and reuniting him with his former TV dad Tim Allen. Believe us, this mini-"Home Improvement" reunion does not disappoint. Fans have buzzing about Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Allen.