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7 Rules Of Great Type Design (That Any Creative Can Use) - Co.Design (blog)
House Industries–a Delaware-based design firm and type foundry–might not be a household name , but you've definitely seen its work. It designed the New Yorker's layouts and typeface, the font used in Shake Shack's branding, and Jimmy Kimmel Live's logo&nbsp.

Design studio attracts millennial talent to downtown Newport News
Studio 3300’s retail storefront shows gift ideas including etched wine glasses, personalized tote bags and engraved wooden cutting boards or jigsaw puzzle-style wedding invitations. Hampton Roads Engraving is known for signage, including name plates or.

Get Inspired By the 5 Legends of Italian Furniture and Interior Design - GQ Magazine
All the major players unveil their new lines and ideas at the Salone—which is why your favorite fashion designers, artists, and architects flock to this sprawling show for inspiration, and, of course, to furnish their homes, offices, ateliers, and.

This 3D-Knit Chair Is Made From A Single Piece Of Technical Fabric - Co.Design (blog)
This year, Layer–a design studio based in London–is releasing the “Tent” chair for the Italian brand Moroso. It's a seamless, 3D-knitted chair that integrates upholstery, cushions, and an armrest into a single piece of fabric–riffing, as its name.

How To Steal Design Ideas (And Not Feel Like A Schmuck) - Co.Design (blog)
You can imagine then the shock I felt upon entering the workforce–where “stealing” good ideas is not only encouraged, but often necessary to create good and effective work. I'll be honest, the adjustment was tough. As a visual designer responsible for.

Love Is The Color: How Paisley Park Fostered Prince's Creativity - Fast Company
Yet inside, one is transported to a kaleidoscope of trippy colors and questionable interior design decisions. ... Bret Thoeny, architect and owner of Boto Design Architects in Los Angeles, was only 23 years old when Prince's manager tapped him to.

SDCC 2017: Toonzone Interviews Titmouse Studios' Chris Prynoski and Ben Kalina - Toon Zone
They're a great client because they're new as well, relatively, as far as networks and studios go, and it's good because I think in the beginning, when we started working with them, they had a very small team, and we got some trust on their side. I.

Behind the scenes: The making of the Pasadena Showcase House of Design - Los Angeles Times
11:50 a.m.: This story identifies the designer from Ederra Design Studio as Cynthia Ederra. Her name is Cynthia Lambakis. This story also identifies the company that designed the Bee's Bliss Gardener's Retreat as Rose Ticket: Botanical Design House.

Studio and Living room 3Drendering.
These Studio 3D Renderings ... present this interior design to his clients. The task was to show the soothing atmosphere of this studio. ArchiCGI Artists created 3 images to show each zone of the studio more detailed. Your interior ideas could look much.

Hassell's Matthew Shang and Paul Semple are go-to duo for stunning interiors - The Straits Times
Both stylish spots have distinctly different looks, but they have one thing in common: The deft touch of veteran interior designers Matthew Shang and Paul Semple, principals at multidisciplinary international design practice Hassell. In the last 14.

This AI Makes Up New My Little Ponies - Co.Design (blog)
Twilight Sparkle. Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie. If you have kids–or grew up in the 1980s or '90s–you're probably already familiar with the big names of the My Little Pony series, which has been around since 1983. But you've probably never heard of Big Blue.