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Even the Tree Has a Stylist
To be sure, Mr. Platt is doing a bit of cross-pollinating by planting his name on Mr. Hay’s festivities, but he is also making sure that the decorations for Mr. Hay’s annual Christmas party are on a par with the interior architecture. For those who.

40 Free Professional Tri-fold Brochures for Business
For example, you can find there multipurpose Free business brochures and Medical care Free PSD templates, Food restaurant menus brochures and Interior Design free templates ... it can be easily printed in any print house and even at home to bring you.

“When I looked at my sent emails, I knew I was fired”: designers' biggest mistakes - Design Week
Thinking – briefly – a little more lucidly, my biggest failure as a designer isn't a poorly built website, a shoddily constructed exhibition or a fatally flawed piece of print (though I confess to some or all of the above). It's a bit bigger and.

5 design things to look out for in March 2017 - Design Week
The Design Museum's latest exhibition will record the and reimagine era by exploring the Communist-inspired architecture, graphics and art of Moscow in the 1920s and 1930s. Alongside real artwork, publications and propaganda posters from the period.

Visitors to - BU Today
The studio is so secretive about work in progress that Bostonia reporters, there to interview story artist Christian Roman, were not allowed to go anywhere without an escort and were forbidden to discuss what movie Roman is currently storyboarding.

What's your favourite example of a flexible identity? - Design Week
It was one of the earliest identities to pick up on this idea of being able to adapt and change over time (although there was a flexible TV ident for the American TV station WGBH created by their in house design team in the 70s, also using a 2). Using.

5 important things that happened in design this week - Design Week
The Humanscale guidelines are a series of print materials originally conceived in the 1970s to help designers create objects to scale. From furniture to cars, the guidelines enabled designers to create products suited to people of different body shapes.

Software Developer Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Help Provide 3D Design Courses to Beginners -
Examples are wide-ranging, events like the MakerBot-sponsored Makeathons have taken aim at developing STEAM education content, while institutions like the UK-based Windsor Boys' school have created a seemingly successful 3D design course for their.

New book on illustrator Alain Grée celebrates his work of the 1960s and 70s - Creative Review (blog)
There are chapters on picture books, activity books and games, roughs and storyboards , illustrations and advertising work, plus an interview and biography (the text throughout is in Japanese, though most captions also appear in English). ... years owes.

5 Instructional Design Tips to Create Modern Multi-Device Learning Content - ATD (blog)
In fact, this new world of multi-device content is more akin to web page or print design than our previous fixed screen approach. What can designers do? ... If you've been an instructional designer as long as I have, you'll have experimented with.

Cheap Thrills: Maker Projects that Won’t Break Your Budget
Strawbee connectors are available in a kit for $20; students can also scan and print more on a 3-D printer ... Students can join this year’s global challenge—or be more open-ended and design their projects. To start, you’ll need to provide cardboard.

Design & Designer Series: Libby Langdon - Furniture World Magazine (press release)
We continue Furniture World's Design & Designers series with an interview with Libby Langdon, president and creative energy behind Libby Interiors , Inc. Besides being familiar as a makeover television personality, Ms. Langdon is an author, product.