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This Astoria blogger's pink apartment is an Instagrammer's dream -
Zietz and her husband moved to Astoria from Florida three years ago with two small children in tow, which was no easy task. ... Hanging out in Zietz's Astoria apartment is like scrolling through your favorite Instagram interior design accounts. Gallery.

Eight easy steps to brighten up a basement apartment - The Denver Post
Designers Sarah Roussos-Karakaian and Nick Karakaian strategically placed this mirror in their basement Airbnb to not only provide an opportunity for guests to check their appearance before heading out for the day but also to reflect light from the.

Odile Guzy Architectes covers social housing scheme with wooden slats and diamond patterned roofs - Dezeen
The diamond pattern references roofs found on historic buildings in Burgundy, helping to create a meaningful link with the region's history. The studio's previous projects include an apartment block in Paris featuring angular balconies framed by white.

Interior Design Risks Worth Taking - New York Times
“The ceiling was not level, so the wallpaper didn't line up,” said Ms. Nazinitsky, who writes a blog called SohoStrut. “We actually needed to get another roll to try and line it up.” Despite that .... GO WILD ON ONE WALL Megan Hopp, an interior.

Scandinavian Style in a Seaside Tel Aviv Apartment
Not far from the Mediterranean Sea, tucked away on a small ... as the interior of the residence is, the view from the balcony is unparalleled. Sunset provides light and an artful setting that no man-made design can rival. At least the gorgeous apartment.

Maximize Storage Space in Your Nursery - Self Storage Industry News (blog)
When organizing a small nursery closet, it's all about maximizing space. With shelves, hanging racks, bins, baskets, and other containers, you can keep everything up and out of the way. If you don't use clear storage containers, be sure to use labels.

Alchemy Architects Celebrates 25 Years of Innovating Small Structures for Life, Work, and Play - Midwest Home Magazine (blog)
Would it be safe to say that Geoff Warner, founder of Alchemy Architects in St. Paul, owes a lot of one client in particular? Yes. In 2003, Warner and his team built their first weeHouse on a prairie hilltop overlooking Lake Pepin. “The weeHouse® was a.

Small Apartment with Well-Planned Layout and Luxurious Contemporary Design
This 613 sq. ft. renovated one-bedroom apartment in Stockholm, Sweden has a spacious feel and harmonious modern decor. The fully equipped small kitchen features built-in fridge and marble countertop/backsplash.

These 4 Easy Minimalist Tips from NYers Will Show You How to Live Big in a Small Space - Verily
After living in New York for four years, I can't help but laugh when I see portrayals of a “Manhattan apartment ” on TV or in a movie. Without fail, the spaces are unrealistically gigantic, full of decorative pieces that serve no secondary function, and.

4 Upgrades to Request from Your Landlord (Inspired by This Brilliant Rental Apartment)
After six blissful years in an apartment she loved ... so long as it stayed within budget. Design advice for real life. What's inside: Solutions to your real-life design issues. Style hacks, reno advice, interiors inspo, and true stories from people.

WATCH: Vern Yip Gives a Tour of His Tiny New York Apartment -
RELATED: Tour Designer Vern Yip's Carefully Curated Family Home: 'We All Like Living in a Beautiful House '. But it's Yip's clever use of layered patterns — a frightening tactic for many home decorators — that pulls the space together and makes it.