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Little wonder then, that the home bookspace design ... some plants in the middle and play around with other books vertically. "Bookshelves speak volumes about the families and their milestones, as each book is a narrative of an era," Vipul Amar, interior.

My 1,100sqft: A food writer and a financial pro bring hotel design into their Chelsea co-op
Our latest interior adventure brings us to the Chelsea apartment of ... Inspired by the calming, clean aesthetic of hotel design, Lauren and Ross completed a surprisingly smooth renovation that left them with a contemporary home full of colorful, personal.

Plant Shelves Reaching New Heights Platforms Rise To Planner's Imaginations
Plant shelves high atop a wall are a popular ... be seen from the floor,'' said Ed Seabrook of Seabrook Interior Design & Accessories of Mount Dora. ''I've put an antique spinning wheel on a shelf for someone, as well as different antiques like garden.

Sun’s flower shop by D+space design, Changshu – China
not only the simple rectangular light into interior spaces, but also to let pedestrians pass by the store to watch the accessibility of the vitality of the plant, the door is not a common symbol design but to join the display of the property, the level of.

Powered By Plants! 28 Interior Design Ideas For Every Indoor Plant Lover
In case you hadn't noticed, house plants are having a bit of a moment. If they're not all over our Instagram feed draped over a chic AF shelf or accessorising ... We've rounded up some of our favourite interior design ideas to inspire your home view.

5 Tips to Upgrading Your Interior Design Year-Round
Bring the Outdoors Indoors Here is an often overlooked interior design hack: add potted plants to your home. Placing a hearty fiddle-fig tree in the corner of the living room can contribute a sense of liveliness all throughout the year. Research the.

10 Amazing Tips for Italian Kitchen Design and Decor
Tuscan style Italian Kitchen stylistic theme is the best with regards to Italian Kitchen Design. It just uses characteristic ... to put many pots with herbs on your kitchen ledge. A show of a bowl of crisp plants will likewise enable you to bring a touch.

After years in the design wilderness, indoor plants are making a welcome return
After years in the design wilderness, indoor plants are making a welcome and sustained ... The deep window frame is perfect for trailing plants such as devil’s ivy. FASHION FORWARD FOLIAGE Like any other aspect of interior design, indoor plant species.

Let The Stars Be Your Guide to Interior Design
Since you’re rather fickle, focus on interior design adaptable to frequent change and adaptation ... Bring your cherished outdoors into your living space in the form of flowers, aromatic plants and exotic incense holders. Traditional and practical.

Now YOU can be the judge! The Block interior stylist Darren Palmer shows off his luxury five-bedroom Bondi beachside home and offers style advice to get the look
He dishes out his design advice and critiques ... a mixture of decorative pieces, vases, plants and candles. He believed the combination was 'the basic building blocks of any great console, coffee table, or book shelf' and was seen as a recurring theme.