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Living Design: How to Decorate with Plants
From left to right: Baby's Tears, Desert Rose, Bird's Nest Fern, Prickly Pear Cactus, Rex Bagonia, ZZ Plant, Rubber Plant ... By analyzing your interior spaces and choosing wisely, you can use houseplants as vital design elements in your natural home.

What to Do with Those Awkward, Empty Spaces in Your Home - Architectural Digest
We all have those empty nooks in our houses that we try our hardest to ignore when we walk by. The ones that seem too small to make into destinations but when left alone just look, well, sad. Unfortunately, you can't wish these spots away. Your next.

HÛT creates mobile plywood gin trolley to serve its architecture office - Dezeen
The practice describes its design as a contemporary take on the traditional 1920s cocktail trolley, made "for the pleasure of any gin connoisseur". It features a house-shaped birch plywood structure, specialised storage compartments and a blackboard.

The treasure-filled Florida home of Design Miami founder Craig Robins
An oil painting resting on a shelf ... plant a significant collection of rare Caribbean palms, they locked horns over what to do with the rest of the 146-metre-wide space. “Craig was adamant about having the pavilion that David Adjaye built for Design.

Indoor plants: A revolution -
Plant lover and Design Space columnist for, Henry Tuck says "a room without plants feels dead. Whether or not you're ... Owner of online indoor plant store Sill Life Jasmine Edgar says plants soften modern minimalist interiors . This, along.

9 clever charging-station solutions to clean up cable clutter - New Atlas
It seems like every year a new type of high-tech device becomes an essential part of our lives. But we could all do without seeing the countless cables it takes to keep these devices charged and ready to go. To help keep your devices powered up, and.

Follow These Instagram Accounts If You're Turned On By Interiors - Pedestrian TV
Whether you're saving your pennies up to invest in the most luxe of buttery leather lounges, or still making do with some strategically placed throws to hide the red wine stains on your old-as-hell futon, gazing lovingly at lush interior design is.

Fire & ice: Update your fireplace with simple projects - Allentown Morning Call
homes. As we take stock of what needs work around the house, the humble fireplace may be low on the list; however, it deserves a second thought. Not only are fireplaces the focal point of many living rooms, they also are becoming more of a design.

Portable product design plus Pinterest! - Yanko Design - Form Beyond Function
A few simple adjustments would make it an ideal decorative book and plant - shelf for the living room, while a change here or there would make it perfect for the kitchen. The Lynko was therefore designed to mirror its user's character and reflect their.

10 best plant stands - The Independent
Plants add natural softness and texture to our homes and some species have been shown to have great health benefits: improving indoor air quality and removing toxins. The abundance of varieties means there's something to suit every interior style and&nbsp.