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How the capital commutes: London map shows the flow of cars and bikes on city streets -
As this traffic passes around London, and all across the UK , the Department for Transport (DfT) collects and counts data for connections between roads. Now, this data has been turned into an interactive map showing which areas of London are used by&nbsp.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - maps, tips and tricks to survive Hyrule -
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out today on Nintendo Switch and Wii U – and it's an absolutely gargantuan game. Advertisement. With its open world and the complete freedom the game gives you to explore, there's lots left unexplained.

Home! The house that swimwear built - The Times
Decorated with the help of their interior designer friend Jonathan Reed (so fêted he doesn't even have a website), their home is a paean to good taste, with its palette of muted shades and punchy yellows and blues, and floor-to-ceiling Crittall windows.

Listen to the beautiful diversity of voices around the world on this interactive map -
The cloud-based system can now accurately decipher entire sentences based on the context of the language, but while the service will give you the correct words, and for most countries an audio clip of the phrase, there'll still be regional accents and&nbsp.

The brain on DMT: mapping the psychedelic drug's effects -
In a matter of weeks, they will begin the first ever fMRI scan of DMT's effect on the brain, in research that is expected to continue for at least six months. The primary goal is to map brain activity during the experience. But Carhart-Harris and.

Lose yourself in this beautiful literary map of London -
This stunning map of London is made up of the names of characters from novels, plotted on to the areas of the city they're most associated with. It was created by Dex, a London-based artist and graphic designer, and interior designer Anna Burles.

Carnival : Cruise Line Brands Earn 26 Readers' Choice Awards from Porthole Cruise Magazine
Best Interior Design" for Seabourn's Tihany Design on Seabourn Encore and "Best Onboard Thrill" for Carnival Cruise Line's SkyRide on Carnival Vista. The Editor in Chief Awards' winners are selected by Porthole Cruise Magazine. To date, including honors.

Plotting the next pandemic: ominous virus maps attempt to predict future diseases -
Warmer colours highlight areas predicted to be of greatest value for discovering novel zoonotic viruses. a: All wild mammals b: Carnivores c: Even-toed ungulates. d: Bats e: Primates f: Rodents. Kevin J. Olival et al. Predicting pandemics is a vital.

This hypnotic, terrifying map charts cyberattacks in real-time -
The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 reveals that nearly seven in ten large UK businesses have identified a breach or attack in the past year, with the average cost to large businesses totalling from £20,000 to millions in some cases. While the.

The brain cartographer: May-Britt Moser is unlocking the secrets of our in-built GPS -
May-Britt Moser charts the maps made by brains. In 2014, the neuroscientist won a joint Nobel Prize for her work on the 2005 discovery of grid cells, a population of neurons that enables us to understand precisely where we are in space. Based at the.

Hedonists, rejoice! The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is here - CAR Magazine
Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet: Revelation of luxury – Trailer | IAA 2017 YouTube.

The Internet of Things is a data farm, Roomba won't be its only profiteer -
Angle said the firm is planning to sell the maps of homes Roomba has generated to Amazon, Apple and Google's parent company Alphabet. He expects a deal with at least one of the firms in the next two years. The decision has been met with scepticism but&nbsp.

Renault Koleos (2017) review - CAR Magazine
On board, the company's welcome interior design renaissance, which recently reached a degree of SUV maturity in the Kadjar, merely treads water here, rather than advancing further still. In other words, it's much better than the stack of chrome-lipped.