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Cockroaches could be hiding in your game console, waiting to pounce — here's why
This actually makes a lot of sense — the PlayStation 4 is warm when it's running, and its interior ... disc drives, 3DS mods gone wrong. That’s when he pointed to the 'roach bags,' black garbage bags heaped up in the corner of the room.

How to live your best #vanlife
We’d been living together for five years ... Then, during the installation he called me and said there’s actually room for two more speakers at the base of the captain’s chairs. I had him pop in a pair of Phoenix Gold 6x9 RX speakers.

15-Day Spiritual Southern India Tour
Discover the beauty of Southern India on an unforgettable 15-day small-group (max. 22 people) tour ... Low season and high season dates are available from November 2017 to April 2018 – see the 'Fine Print' for further details. Explore the huge and.

What software is used to design adigital poster?
3D graphics are usual…ly created in one of the high-end programs, such as 3ds Max ... design for the first time, a home or living space. It is used more often by interior designers than home buyers… but is usable by both types of customers. "Design a.

Sarah was first raised on the family farm in Monteagle, Ontario, where she attended a one-room school for her first year in public school and obtained a sound foundation in rural communal living ... career of Interior Decorating & Design.

Light, bright design reinvents a century-old Uptown home for next generation
Sometimes I feel like I'm living in two worlds at once," he said ... "In the house, sometimes I walk up the stairs and immediately turn into my daughter's room, which was my room." Mann's parents purchased the house, a two-story late-Craftsman-style.

A Chevy Chase Couple's Great Escape
“I remember Max was born in July, and we took him a month later in August ... and she ran into Anthony Wilder, whose design firm Anthony Wilder Design/Build had worked for the Hollmans in the past. “I was so very excited about the new property.

Artists in residence: the best interior architects for one-off homes
Three cutting-edge practices are blurring the boundaries of interior design and architecture to meet the growing demand for one-off homes. Michaelis and Boyd have ... features a bathroom decked out in Max Lamb’s vibrant Marmoreal terrazzo.

Out & About: The Festival of Thrift is returning to Redcar this weekend, here's some interior innovations that will be on show
The hugely popular, award-winning festival is returning to Kirkleatham, in Redcar, for the fifth national celebration of stylish and sustainable living at the ... and their eye-catching design creates a focal point for any room. Working with what's new.

The fifth quarter: The North Texas win
However, Olsen remained in the locker room ... living a bit dangerously. The Chiefs went to work. Alex Smith scrambled for a huge first down, and two plays later he hit Travis Kelce on a beautifully drawn-up shovel pass touchdown. The offensive play design.