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Unearthed Episode 5: How's the future looking? - The Urban Developer
In the 3D visualisation world, we use 3DS Max as standard, but currently the software required to produce fully hands-on virtual reality is gaming software, meaning our artists have to learn a whole new set of skills.” The key, according to Harvey, is.

Yulio Offers Architects and Designers Virtual Reality Platform -
I can understand the need for architects and interior designers to show clients how a 3D model represents an immersive vision, one that possibly requires an imaginative trick that clients might not possess. The Yulio platform uses smartphone virtual.

Richard Keep and Henry Goss unveil plans for Nairobi tower in rainy renderings - Dezeen
quot;We have worked in this way for years and it is certainly the way that the industry is going particularly with the rapid growth of virtual reality, which demands the use of full 3D environments and prohibits the use of more old-school painterly 2D.

Asking the big questions: Ian McDougall and Howard Raggatt reflect on the work of ARM Architecture - Architecture AU
In 1990 we leapt into 3D modelling software: a forerunner of 3D Studio, then 3ds Max , Rhino and animation software. We were also early adopters of Photoshop, Corel and other image manipulating software. These became integral to our design process, not&nbsp.

Readers' Choice Awards 2017: Laptops & Desktops - PC Magazine (press release)
Many laptops are now convertible devices that can adapt to the situation, quickly switching between traditional clamshell design and tablet. Some, including Microsoft's very popular Surface Pro line, are tablet first with a detachable keyboard for when.

Origami Architecture: Make's Portable Pop-Up Kiosks Fold Metal Like Paper - The Architect's Newspaper
Inspired by Japanese paper-folding, Canary Wharf booths make a sculptural statement whether open or shut. Make Architects' folding kiosks for Canary Wharf in London bring new meaning to the term “pop-up shop.” The bellows-like structures were inspired&nbsp.

3D Architectural Rendering of Living Room in New York
The designer wanted to inspire creating beautiful memories. For this project, we received the inputs as floor plan and the reference images for the interior elements to be created. The basic modelling was carried out in 3DS Max along with V-Ray Plugins.

SIGGRAPH 2017—The Year of the Game Engine & Low-Level Graphics API - Architosh (press release) (blog)
At the Unreal User Group at SIGGRAPH this year, Epic announced Datasmith, a private beta designed to help artists and designers simplify the process of importing data into the Unreal Engine from over 20 CAD/DCC sources, including Autodesk 3DsMax.

Zillow Invests in Augmented Reality Interior Design App Hutch - NextReality
However, the app takes more of an interior design approach, allowing users to apply and adjust design filters to renderings of virtually-cleared spaces based on specific aesthetics, such as bohemian or trendsetter. Users can create one free design per.

David Romero recreates Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in colour visualisations - Dezeen
In designing the building, Wright created the first fully air-conditioned workplace, as well as offering an alternative working layout. Inside the building open-plan offices were arranged around a large central atrium topped by a skylight. Romero has.

The Future-Looking Shoei VFX-EVO Off-Road Helmet
The design uses a new two-piece EPS liner that reportedly doesn ... With 16 vents and Shoei’s 3D Max-Dry interior, as found on other models, the VFX-EVO should do a proficient job of keeping the wearer cool. Plush materials are used in the lower.

Bring 3D Models To Life in Augmented Reality with UrhoSharp
Since we’re building an ARKit application, and interior design is a fitting use case for AR, I’ve found a furniture model for this example. Note* This post assumes some knowledge of the 3D Modeling software, Blender. If you’re not familiar with this.

Best laptop for design and art 2017: we test Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft's most powerful and stylish ... - Digital Arts Online
High-quality art and design requires hardware to match. These are the 6 best laptops for designers and artists across graphic and digital design , UX, 3D and CG – powerful, light and stylish laptops and laptop/tablet hybrids. In this feature we'll.

How to Teach the Language of 3D Modeling and Design
Just like "design" can be a verb, a noun, or even an adjective, many of the math concepts you teach are also layered in meaning. They can be learned, but, more importantly, they can also be DONE - and can even be innovated upon by your students.