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5 best software for furniture design - Windows Report
CAD Pro is a drafting software lets you design , visualize, and share your furniture design ideas . You can use this tool to ... This tool will allow you to design the interior of kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms faster and more efficiently. One of.

Generative design software will give designers "superpowers" - Dezeen
Generative design tools that produce optimum forms for products and buildings without human intervention are set to transform both the physical world and the role of the designer , according to software experts. The software can automatically make.

A Moonwalk Did Not Destroy Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit, Now Time Won't Either - Smithsonian
Plus, spacesuits such as Armstrong's “weren't designed with the idea that anybody was going to come back and use it 50 years later,” says Adam Bradshaw, an exhibits specialist at the museum. ... In turn, Bradshaw, the exhibits specialist, is creating.

Salon Today's Total Salon Makeover Winner Celebrates Upcoming Transformation
This year’s package includes a complete salon management system including hardware and software from STX; a new front desk or furniture for another area of the salon including interior design consulting ... sales and gathered ideas from Pinterest to.

Miniature Workstation Movement Takes Small Step Forward with Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny - Cadalyst Magazine
One downside of a small , light computer is that it's more easily stolen than a large, heavy traditional tower. “It's very easy to [have it] walk off,” Ruppert acknowledged. To help it withstand light fingers, the P320 Tiny has an integrated slot for a.

Exclusive: Behind Fluent Design, Microsoft's Vision For The Future Of Interfaces - Co.Design (blog)
A new creative app the company introduced today, called Story Remix, creates stories from your videos and images using these animations. Then users can add 3D objects to 2D images and videos easily and seamlessly–a demonstration of the kind of&nbsp.

nTopology Breaks Generative Design into Its Elements -
Now that manufacturing tools like 3D printing are capable of fabricating intricate geometries, generative design is all the rage in the world of CAD . There's one problem, though. Most professional CAD packages, with a couple of very recent or soon-to.

The Changing Face of CAD - TCT Magazine (blog)
firms all over the world. But the idea of what CAD is continues to evolve as other forms of design and technology shake up what users want and need from their digital toolbox, particularly in the case of additive manufacturing. ... Already working.

Be Part of the Future Which Inspires Tomorrow’s Designs at the 55th Design Automation Conference
The Embedded Systems and Software sessions at DAC provide a forum for discussing the challenges of embedded design and an opportunity for leaders in the industry and in academia to come together to exchange ideas and roadmaps for the future of this.

Portable Laser Range Finder Enables Real-Time 3-D Mapping - Scientific American
When loaded into standard computer-aided design ( CAD ) software , the models can then form the basis of building renovation plans or other projects. The Contour moves well beyond the measuring-tape-and-clipboard approach most builders still use to get&nbsp.

Architectural technologists' role in building design is growing -
But an evolutionary educational process has spawned architectural technologists, endowed with skills in computer-assisted design ( CAD ) software , a deeper knowledge of the national building code, and more building science comprehension than ever before.