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Exclusive! DesignSponge Founder Grace Bonney On Coming Out As Gay
It began as a hobby to indulge Grace's passion for interior design. By 2006, the site had become such a ... Grace Bonney: Good! It's funny. [Coming out] was something I had been thinking about and looking forward to. Now, it just feels really calm and.

This 41-year-old woman looks like a teenager and here’s how!
Meet Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese interior designer who is breaking the internet with her age-defying skin. She's Instagram's latest sensation and looks suspiciously young for her age. If you would look at her photos, you'll easily believe she's 18 or pushing 20s.

Go inside the bachelor pad of Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin, who sold his startup to Unilever for $1 billion last year
He also recently redid the look of his home in Venice, California, enlisting the help of James Tabb, of interior design startup Laurel & Wolf, to do so. Here's what the bachelor pad looks like now.

30 DIY Halloween wreaths to welcome evil spirits into your home
If you want to make your Halloween party light and funny rather than scary and spooky ... your friends to your home for celebrating costume-themed Halloween party? Your interior decoration also should be fantastic that can justify the event perfectly.

Your Home in Their Hands, BBC One, review: 'sadistic but dull'
The whole horrible mess is corralled by Celia Sawyer, who describes herself as an interior designer. On the basis of her dress sense alone – all skintight skirts and flash jewellery – I’d be slamming the door in her face. Unfortunately, nice Kelly.

Looking good in New York
“It’s funny ... “Design has to be strong if it’s going to create an emotional connection in short periods of time," Pyke says. “It has to be immediately welcoming; colour and texture play a big part in that." Asked to define what expats want.

Is your partner your interior design opposite?
I like to 'interior graze'; pick a little from a variety of styles to create a well resolved home." Ultimately, contrasting style aesthetics are not a deal breaker. Just as you wouldn't dismiss somebody kind and funny because they wear terrible jeans.

Tom Allen: Absolutely
Daily Telegraph A man who has supported Sarah Millican around the world (comedically speaking), won the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny Award ... I started giving my dad some interior design advice about having the desk at a particular angle.

Emmy Rossum Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets
Fact: Actress Emmy Rossum took time out of her acting schedule last week (ends23Oct15) to show off her interior design skills as her pal launched ... months. It was pretty funny. That was before he was urinating in public and saying Anne Frank would.