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Living Room Design with Bold Color and Style
Spaces are always more fun to shoot (and more fun to live in) when the homeowner is not afraid of bold color and design decisions. Playful choices are rewarded in this living room where it all comes together. The kitchen in this home is colorful as well.

5 Ideas to Inspire A New Fall Look for a Living Room
I‘ve been in the mood lately to make some updates to our living room and dining room. And not just because it’s officially THE FIRST DAY OF FALL! :) But that’s as good of reason as any, isn’t it? Often, the seasons inspire change. Fall changes can.

Renault’s concept car interior by Aleksandra Gaca
The goal of the design was to ensure the cabin was livable like any contemporary interior. When parked inside a physical home, it becomes an additional modular, multi-purpose room. With this concept in mind, Aleksandra Gaca translated Renault’s mission.

Duravit. Making a big impression in small spaces
Homes, and above all small bathrooms, are fitted out in smart and flexible fashion: spatial boundaries are dissolved, bathrooms become eye-catching features in the smallest of spaces and ingenious solutions in the washing area highlight the interior design.

Let The Stars Be Your Guide to Interior Design
Since you’re rather fickle, focus on interior design adaptable to frequent change and adaptation. Simple and homey: You’ll favor a big sofa more comfortable than stylish. Make sure there’s room for photographs and other treasures that hold the.

What's Hot on Pinterest: 5 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas
51 inspiring bohemian living room designs - DigsDigs Tap the link now to see where the world's leading interior designers purchase their ... such as a painting. Decorating small spaces can be a challenge because you feel like you don't have enough space.

For a room that’s brighter, let paint take the floor
Years ago, my husband and I bought our first house in Upstate New York: a 1930s cottage with small rooms, low ceilings and mediocre ... Start by removing everything from the room. Then sand the floors. This is very messy, and although you can rent the.

How to set up large rooms
When it comes to interior design, setting up small rooms can be difficult, but then again, setting up a large room can be just as hard. Making it appear homey, without it looking bare or can turn a dream into a nightmare. With our tips, however.

5 Beautiful Orange Color Schemes to Spice up Your Interior Design
An accent wall in orange and peach, curtains, and bedding in light yellow are perfect for cozy small bedroom designs. Consider adding white as fabrics, lamp shades, vases or wall art to your room to bring a peaceful and tranquil feel into the interior design.