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This Maplewood family finished their basement in high style -
The bedroom that had previously served as a play area is now an office outfitted with clear acrylic furnishings and designer -themed artwork that lends a grown-up air to a room now used for homework. The bathroom, which was painted and updated with.

Explore the Layouts of These Iconic TV Businesses - Mental Floss
In 2016, we shared the layouts of eight famous TV apartments, from the White residence in Breaking Bad to Lorelai and Rory's home in Gilmore Girls . Now, the UK business selling platform Bizdaq ... Design , Bizdaq contracted graphic designer Kim.

How a teenage gamer in the hottest new esport, Overwatch, became a reluctant icon for South Korea's feminist ... - ESPN
Geguri acquired thousands of followers on social media, young girls who sent her messages and hand- drawn pictures of frogs with Zarya's shock of pink hair ("geguri" is the Korean word for "frog"). Blizzard confirmed her innocence; her movements had&nbsp.

'Annabelle: Creation' Production Designers Build Full House on Warner Bros. Lot - Variety
James Wan gives update on The Conjuring 3

Gig Harbor Life community events for Friday, Oct 6 and beyond - Kitsap Sun
The seminar will answer questions on: Medicare Parts A and B; Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans ; Part D prescription drug plans ; Medicare and individual's employer insurance; and when to sign up for Medicare. To RSVP .... Diabetes.

How Illinois bureaucracy robbed parents of a chance to save their children from a deadly disease
Nine months pregnant, Natasha Spencer watched anxiously from her eighth-floor window as the abandoned cars and buses ... was running low and that this sweep could delay their testing plans for the lysosomal disorders. Indeed, the lab never even tried.

James Ellroy's Buzz M for Murder - Vanity Fair
The career girls stayed home. Pat schlepped down to Time-Life. Emily ran errands. Janice swapped shifts with a co-worker. Her clock-in: set for 11 A.M.. She failed to show. It caused a stir. An assistant called the Wylie/Hoffert/Tolles pad and got no.

The true story of how Macy's built its first black-and-white Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon - Mashable
If you're among the six people who haven't seen the film, spoiler alert: Miracle on 34th Street is, at its warm, cozy core, the story of a young, disbelieving girl , named Susan Walker, played by Natalie Wood, who meets a Macy's store Santa (Edmund.

10 Things We Learned From Vanilla Ice's 1991 Autobiography, Ice by Ice - Mental Floss
HE WAS DRAWN TO WOMEN FOR THEIR LOOKS. Not one to sanitize his image for ... in 1991's Cool as Ice. In between those projects, Ice was offered a small role in a Nightmare on Elm Street sequel, presumably to be murdered by Freddy Krueger, β€œbut I didn't.

A Nantucket-style house smartphone controlled in Cos Cob - Greenwich Time
With high ceilings in every room , and an open floor plan , the house feels light and airy. The house is also .... β€œIt's what we found to be the best system out there for ease and reliability,” said Pagliarulo, of Traditional Building and Design in.