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TACC Supercomputers Design, Test New Tools for Cancer Detection - HPCwire (blog)
Olson and her team's approach to determining the relationship between stiffness and interior mapping involves a combination of finite element methods β€” a numerical method for solving problems in engineering and mathematical physics β€” and genetic&nbsp.

Dave & Bella Headquarters / LYCS Architecture
Layering Matrix: An Architectural Promenade in warehouse ... the conventional factory layout makes the interior under-lit and poorly ventilated, which hurts the versatility of the interior. The design proposes a total reconfiguration of the existing.

Artful lounge for Art Fair VIPs was designed so it can all be reused - Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (subscription)
Perkins+Will Design Principal Erik Mott led the design , working with interior designer Molly Baker to construct a comfortable, high-class lounge. Perkins+Will partnered with GLY Construction, and used standard building materials in their original.

TPU 93: a Flexible Filament Solution from German RepRap -
100481_2 Flexible, elastic filaments have opened up a whole new range of functional parts 3D printers can produce, and now German RepRap says their latest, TPU 93 material, is ideal for creating prototypes for handles or seals quickly and inexpensively.

University of Tennessee renames School of Interior Design
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The School of Interior Design at the University of Tennessee's flagship campus is getting a new name. It will now be known as the School of Interior Architecture. The school is part of UT-Knoxville's College of Architecture and.

Don't leave home without this iPad Pro Case! - Yanko Design - Form Beyond Function
Most third party accessory makers rely on Apple's short-sighted approach to design . ... The tablet fits cozily into the TPU case and a dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil means that the two gadgets that were made for each other will always be paired.

Adidas launches Ultra Boost trainer to "revolutionise running" - Dezeen
Each midsole is made up of up to 3000 TPU "energy capsules" – small pellets of the rubbery material that has been injected with air bubbles to make it expand, that are then melded together to form a solid springy surface. This is intended to help.

Lakeside Retreat Lets The Views Add Drama To Its Interior Decor
A good architect understands the importance of meeting the client ... The large windows ensure that the panoramic views become an important part of the interior design The entryway is very welcoming, featuring farmhouse-style influences.

The Great AI Awakening - New York Times
Late one Friday night in early November, Jun Rekimoto, a distinguished professor of human-computer interaction at the University of Tokyo, was online preparing for a lecture when he began to notice some peculiar posts rolling in on social media.

3D printed running suit keeps athletes cool with programmed smart bacteria - 3D Printing Industry
TPU is used for bonding the layers, mesh fabric is used to create air pockets between the skin and the suit, and a stretchy fabric is used in the core and back panel. When humid, the bacteria also exhibits bioluminescent properties, meaning the runner.

Euroclass Design & Build Office by Yellow 6 Design, Auckland – New Zealand
The interior of their new head office was to showcase elements of their building and design ethos. Showing elements of architecture and construction, and a combination of working environments allows Euroclass to use their office as a working and.

Medipol Bağcılar by Zoom TPU : love the hanging lights
Find this Pin and more on Interior Design & Architecture by alissaroseperri. It is a project that is carried out with a detailed approach for the many difficulties of transforming the building into a hospital. http://Loop.pH Studio are internationally.

Materials Matter: Colored Glass Clearly Has its Benefits -
quot;Michael helps us architects realize dreams that we don't even have," said Audrey Wu, a senior associate and project architect at Gensler, a leading global design and architecture firm based in San Francisco. "Your natural instinct," ... Typically, two.

Your 90-second guide to new stuff Nvidia teased today: Volta V100 chips, a GPU cloud, and more - The Register
NVIDIA Launches Revolutionary Volta GPU Platform, Fueling Next Era of AI and High Performance Computing ... NVIDIA Newsroom.

Benjamin Hubert's 3D-printed wheelchair to launch during Clerkenwell Design Week - Dezeen
one-off projects. Go wheelchair by Benjamin Hubert's Layer. The seat is printed in two materials – a semi-transparent resin and thermoplastic polyurethane ( TPU ) plastic that provides shock-absorption – while titanium will be used to construct the.