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Inside the $524 Million Bucks Arena & Entertainment Mecca - Milwaukee Magazine
Now, as the initial arena project designs gel, there's still a tremendous amount of effort needed to realize Feigin's holistic vision for the development by the time everything opens in the fall of 2018. Which is what, exactly? “That this is the 30.

The most stunning home renovation in Rochester? - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Her sister, Lindsay Caleo, is an artist, metalsmith and interior planner with The Brooklyn Home Company, which did the design work . Caleo and her ... The windows soar—more than two stories of glass brings the outdoor landscape into the home . In winter&nbsp.

London fire: Grenfell Tower's design helped spread blaze up the outside, experts say - The Independent
The building was refurbished recently at a cost of £8.6 million, with work completed in May last year. The exterior of the tower was modernised with cladding and replacement windows , while additional homes were added using vacant space in the building.

Rare Frank Lloyd Wright tiny home is an 'odd duck' - Curbed
The guest house's slanted roof, lined with a saw-tooth metal fascia as jagged as the surrounding agave plants, hangs over a row of windows that frame the main property off in the distance. The view of the main residence is the property's real joy.

How a couple bonded over their home's rebuild - Toronto Star
Instead of arguing over budgets and design decisions, the couple truly bonded over the massive undertaking, knowing the end result would be an idyllic home in which to raise their son Andrew, 8, and daughter Maya, 6. “You're working ... Instead, they.

Four Healthy Homes Where Superb Design Also Offers Better Breathing - Allergic Living
That's no small feat: especially in a wet, chilly climate like Seattle, it meant triple-paned windows , plenty of insulation – in some spaces up to 28 inches thick – and a complex ventilation system. But the design wasn't just about going ... That.

25 Design Tricks That Changed the Way We Decorate - Architectural Digest
A good home design idea checks off a box, looks nice, gets the job done, etc. A great home design idea—a trick, if you will—stops you in your tracks to do a double-take. Why, you'll muse, did I not think of this before? The best are also the simplest.

Outside in: Frank Lloyd Wright's influence on interior design - Chicago Tribune
Outside in: Frank Lloyd Wright's influence on interior design ... His famed Fallingwater, a home still considered to be one of the all-time great architectural works , is not only sited on top of a waterfall, but interior elements — from the natural.

This 50-year-old Portuguese villa houses a modern Goan holiday home - Architectural Digest India
Italian architect Annalisa Bellettati likes her buildings to tell stories. And her sumptuously modern Goan holiday home —for Mumbai-based embroidery designer Arun Jothi—built around a creaky old Portuguese villa tells a compelling one. Among all the.

Life in a Modern masterpiece home - The Guardian
This place has it all,” she continues, stepping outside to admire the terraced facade, its simple design defined by white weatherboarding with picture windows enhancing the weightless feel. A slate-lined garden, which fforde designed to “echo the.

New Houses Debut by Andrew Franz Architect, In Tune with Nature and Context - PR Web (press release)
The acclaimed architecture and design firm Andrew Franz Architect has announced several new building commissions, including the completion of a 5,000-square-foot house on Martha's Vineyard, the construction of a new, 3,000-square-foot residence on Long.

Outdoor Living and Multi-Gen Features Top AIA's Home Design Trends
Outdoor living spaces have been the most popular special function room for six consecutive years, and demand for accessibility and multi-gen living features continue to pick up steam. Findings of the quarterly AIA Home Design ... of work in the second.