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After name change, H20 hotel developers pray for good vibes in Hermosa Beach
After three years of planning, design ... into a new home or get a new car; any new kind of beginning we like to do a prayer. It just brings good vibes and good luck.” The luck Raju Chhabria is looking to bring this time is for a 30-room boutique hotel.

Eco-friendly decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi - Times of India
The most awaited festival of all Ganesha fans is just around the corner! In trying to follow the latest practices of buying the most expensive and scintillating idols, we often overlook the aftermath of this uninformed excitement. We ignore the fact.

This 3,800 sq ft house in Kozhikode is bathed in beauty
Faheem, an architect from Design Core Architects in Kozhikode ... The special place reminds one of a pooja room from where all the positive forces come. Another feature is the toughened foldable glass door at the formal living. The door has a special.

How to turn a walk-in closet into a glamorous dressing room - The Hindu
While painting your dressing room , choose a colour palette to give a new appearance and design the surroundings in a way that gives it a better, personalised look. While selecting the colours, you could use the overall colour theme of the house as an&nbsp.

This Zen-style home is a calm oasis in a sea of stress - onmanorama
From wall art to curios to mirrors, there is a touch of 'Buddha enlightenment' in each and every thing in this house . Two paintings of Buddha's face is the main attraction in the living room . Right below this, there is a modern design gray colored.

Timeless Homes circa 2017 - gulfnews.com
Every year design gurus illustrate home decor trends for the season. It is a practice in creativity, driven by business of design . Sneha Divias stands apart from the crowd in that her works are consistently grounded in the context of the most prominent.

Thaneites celebrate Lord Krishna's birth with gusto - Times of India
Gokila Ramesh, a resident of Pokhran Road 1, said, "On this occasion, we draw a rangoli design out of rice flour resembling the feet of Lord Krishna. This rangoli starts from the veranda of the house till the puja room where the idol of Krishna is kept.

Samira Rathod's Shadow House provides refuge from scorching Indian sun - Dezeen
At full bloom, the architect said that the tree will "suffuse the house with its blazing fragrance and a confetti of tiny white flowers every morning". In one corner, on the southern side, the yard opens to an outdoor plunge pool with a spout providing.

Byculla Parsi family's unflinching faith in Ganpati Bappa - Free Press Journal
“Earlier I used to bring the mandir murti at my grandmother's place at Marine Lines because I liked decorating the house and it used to enhance my creativity and kept my passion alive. Over the ... The Chhois performed Satyanarayan pooja on September 2.

5 plants to keep your home cool in the summer - gulfnews.com
But, if you are looking for a natural, environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to keep your home cool and fresh, try welcoming a few leafy green companions into your home . Most of ... This plant grows quickly so make sure you leave plenty of room.

A 2700 sq ft magic in bricks and stones | Video - onmanorama
Everything, including the design is centered round the ilanji tree, the branches of which shield the whole house from the sun's damaging rays. The new structure stands ... The pooja room close to the dining space has been given a mix of white and grey.

Important Vaastu Shastra tips for Pooja room – Check out
and every nook and corner of a home. When it comes to the prayer room – it is especially important to realize the points that must be kept in mind for its location. Here are a few tips which will help you find the best way to design your Pooja room.

Newly designed co-living apartments in DC bring sophistication to group housing - Washington Post
You might expect 25-year-olds in Washington to live with multiple roommates to afford to live in this high-cost city. But the visual of millennials hanging out in a crumbling group house on a stained couch leaking its stuffing is about to be shattered.

There are surprises aplenty in this two-faced house | Video - onmanorama
The design of this house at Thazhechowa in Kannur is inspired by some unique shadow play. Perhaps that's the reason why interior designer Ramgopal and Hitha's named their home 'Schatten', which means shadow in German. The house is unique in every&nbsp.