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Cast Lighting Fixtures are now included in Landscape Design Software
Inc. has added Cast Lighting fixtures to the Landscape Lighting Software program as well as the GreenScapes Landscape Design program. Our programs help outdoor contractors and home builders show clients their landscape designs ideas with photo realistic.

Protect your home with the Maximus Camera Floodlight
placed anywhere regardless of the current light fixture design,” said Mark Honeycutt, CEO of Maximus. “This product is going to become a must-have for consumers as they look for innovative smart home products that increase home security from the.

Creative Diwali lighting options for your home
Multiple lighting options such as chandeliers, accent lights and lamps, combined with candles and diyas, can be sued, to create a festive ambience at home. The important thing, is that the design of lamps and fixtures, should match the style of the room.

What’s Trending: Lighting Console Of Choice, High End Systems Hog 4
Marc Lorenz is a freelance operator, programmer, lighting director ... and I feel right at home. This leads me to another time saver: User-Kinds. I guess everybody knows the pain when stepping through pages of parameters of a fixture, just to find the.

5 ways to boost your home value with lighting
When the right fixtures are ... and landscaping design. Lighting can change the mood of a room or even make a room seem larger or smaller. It can enhance color and increase functionality. For more ideas on how you can make your home more beautiful and.

Founded on a passion for making light fixtures that are high ... and few items in a home decor excite people the way perfect statement lighting does,” said Zach Dutton, Co-Founder of Dutton Brown Design. “For that reason, we want Dutton Brown's e.

Follow These Lighting Don’ts, Have Good Home Vibes Forever
For the last ten years, Jane Rockett and Lucy St. George have been running online interiors shop Rockett St. George, amassing a wealth of tips and tricks from the artisans they feature and the designers (and design ... the light level of a light fixture.

Lighting design that illuminates condo security
If too much light shines into residents’ units, it may disrupt their sleep and home life. The idea in designing ... finish and there are easy-to-install LED fixtures that can add to the exterior design of the building. Indeed, security lighting does.

How To Light Your House The Right Way
It might be a design cliche ... 10 tips and considerations for creating a well-lighted home. 1. Consider ceiling height. Knowing your ceiling height is important when selecting hanging light fixtures. Some lights come with adjustable cables or rods.

A Home Kitchen Designed for Restaurant Owners
Light plays a big part in this kitchen design, from large windows to remarkable hanging dodecahedra light fixtures. Sign up for eletters today ... When they’re not working, they spend a lot of time at home with their daughter, Thalia, and a variety.