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Home ... Improvement is a sitcom about Tim Taylor, the accident prone host of a Detroit, Michigan television program about tools, who raises his dysfunctional family. Main Characters: Dr. Timothy "Tim" 'The Toolman' Taylor is the accident prone host of.

'Home Improvement's' Debbe Dunning's new show taught her to be proud to be an American
the vivacious and funny "Tool Time" girl on the hit sitcom "Home Improvement," the California native was hitting the beauty pageant circuit to land her big break. "I did a lot of bikini contests, I did a lot of beauty pageants," Dunning told Fox News.

Eight things you never knew about Tim Allen’s ‘Home Improvement’
For eight testosterone-filled years, Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor ruled TV ... She left after 48 episodes so that she could play C.J Parker on Baywatch. Wilson: One of Home Improvement’s long-running jokes was that you never got to see the full face.

8 Home Improvement Tips from America's New Celebrity Carpenter
That’s right—the classic two-day home renovation show is rebooting ... so you know whether a situation is an accident or an emergency—and so you know how to get your power back on ASAP. The next time your garbage disposal is on the fritz, don.

Home Improvement – The Complete First Season
Tim Allen ratchets up the laughs as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor in Home Improvement’s landmark first season. Relive every hilarious moment with the accident-prone TV show host and the original “Tool Time” girl, Pamela Anderson, in this comprehensive.

There's a New Taylor in Town When 'Home Improvement's 'Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor and His Family Join TV Land Beginning January 4th
There's A New Taylor In Town When 'Home ... accident-prone "Tim Taylor" (Tim Allen) as he amusingly tries to balance the drama and chaos of his life as a husband, father and his fix-it television show "Tool Time." Beginning January 11th, "Home Improvement.

Home Improvement
ATHOUGH accidents and injuries caused ... It seems appropriate, therefore, at this time of year when so many people have received new power tools as gifts, and when many homeowners are planning home improvement and home repair projects during the coming.

7 Home Improvement Tools That Are Far More Deadly Than You Think
As the classic horror flick "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" made all too clear, home improvement tools can be helpful (cutting ... According to NPR, many lawn mower accidents are due to rocks and sticks being spat into the operator’s eyes, so clear the.

Home Improvement - The Complete First Season
It featured the adventures of the accident prone Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (Tim Allen), host of his own home improvement show ... "Pamela Anderson: Tool Time Girl" half-sized calendar. She's looking a bit less...modified than today, but hey, no complaints.