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To Meet Amazon’s Tax-Break Demands For HQ2, Will Cities Get Steamrolled Or Win Community Benefits?
This is a company with an office dedicated to tax incentives that it created in early 2012. Hence the tension in this drama ... Amazon could remit the deductions and then get the money back as a grant; or Amazon could claim that sum as a dollar-for.

The appeal and pitfalls of holding unconventional assets in retirement accounts - InvestmentNews
While there may be benefits associated with holding esoteric asset classes, from real estate to precious metals to farming interests, in individual retirement accounts, experts warn of pitfalls extending beyond investment risk, such as costly tax.

Retirement savings still a potential target in tax reform negotiations - InvestmentNews
But Gary Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council, said during a press conference Wednesday that tax provisions around retirement savings, as well as homeownership and charitable giving, "will be protected, but other tax benefits will be&nbsp.

Overlooked Tax Deductions
We put those quotations marks around permanent above because, as Congress takes up tax reform in 2017, one possibility is the elimination of both the sales tax and the state income tax deductions ... similar energy-saving home improvements.

2016 sales tax break for New York, Florida and other states' residents - United Federation of Teachers
Federal tax law allows taxpayers who elect to itemize deductions to deduct their state and local income taxes or state and local general sales taxes to reduce their federal income tax . This law is especially important for residents of six states that.

Trump's Changes to the Tax Codes May Encourage Dynastic Wealth - New York Times
Back in 2012 , most tax experts had considered the estate tax issue resolved when, on New Year's Eve, the Republican-majority Congress and President Obama reached a so-called grand bargain on taxes . As part of that deal, the current ... While most.

Margaret Dickson: Elections results should reflect all, not just narrow, powerful ideology - WRAL.com
Bear in mind that the elections of 2012 , 2014, and 2016 were conducted in unconstitutional districts, calling into question for some North Carolinians whether the laws that are products of those unconstitutionally elected legislators are constitutional.

Jerry Schlichter's fee lawsuits have left an indelible mark on the 401(k) industry - InvestmentNews
Nearly 52% of participants paid for DC-plan administration via some form of revenue sharing in 2015, down from 67% in 2012 , according to the most recent data from Callan Associates, a consulting firm. Asset managers have rapidly introduced mutual funds&nbsp.

NY pols wince at Trump plan to kill major tax deductions - Albany Times Union
ALBANY — With New Yorkers facing potential "double taxation" in the eyes of some under President Donald Trump's tax plan, New York elected officials winced on Thursday at the thought of the federal government doing away with federal deductions for.

Millennials Love Capitalism—They Just Don't Know It
Future generations will hopefully not judge the institution too harshly for partnering with those very same capitalists; the museum is part of a business consortium called the Jack London Improvement ... so-called iGen (1995 to 2012)—follow suit.