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Architectural 3D Floor Plan
The 3D floor plan rendering services by 3DFUSIONEDGE Studio gives better representation, refined lay out plans and impeccable outline administration inside a restricted time. We give mistake free 3D house rendering and also furniture rendering home outline.

3D printed multiplexed electrospinning sources for large-scale production of aligned nanofiber mats with small diameter spread
Each design was first created as a parametric model using the commercial software SolidWorks 2015 (DS SolidWorks Corporation, Waltham, MA, USA); the model was then converted to a 3D mesh file in STL format with a resolution of 2 μm, i.e., an order of.

Geeetech E180 mini 3D printer hits Kickstarter for just $199
Its cantilevered design not only allows the printing head to move ... ensuring that the tiny 3D printer fits in the workplace or home without disturbing its environment. The 3D printer doesn’t make things complicated with its material compatibility.

Super Sketch Sisters Melee: Designing for 2D VS Designing for a 3D VR Space
Needless to say there is a pretty big jump between creating work for a 2D composition for a once-off design brief and creating work for an on-going 3D product ... you go from working in your home office in isolation, wearing PJ pants and not having.

Showcase of Homes fundraiser highlights local home construction and craftsmanship
For Lola Navarro and her friend, Saturday’s annual Showcase of Homes was more than learning about new innovations in home building and design. It was also a source ... She also liked the luxury vinyl plank flooring that looked like solid wood.

Ordinary 1960s house undergoes stunning £2million transformation into state-of-the-art TRIANGULAR glass-fronted home that opens out into its surroundings
An innovative design project will transform a 1960s detached house into a stunning £2million home with a triangular first floor. Devon Haus, in South Devon, will have glass triangular windows that will 'melt away' through cantilevered sliding doors that.

Killing Floor 2 - Xbox One Review | Chalgyr's Game Room
Nearly a year later Killing Floor 2 has finally come to Xbox One and those of us that prefer Microsoft's home console for FPS games are finally ... as you progress through the various levels. Level design, for as simplistic as the game is, is quite nice.

An Inherited Childhood Home Gets a Modern Makeover
Years lived in: 27 years (on and off); Owned for 2 years Timothy never expected ... He loves Scandinavian design, neutral colors, and clean lines — a completely different aesthetic from the home he knew as a child. "The bones of the house are beautiful.

The OmniVue® 3D Product Suite by MicroD Will Continue to Excite the Home Furnishings Industry at High Point Market with a Virtual Reality Experience
This all-in-one 3D technology solution provides Home Furnishings manufacturers, retailers, and designers with comprehensive tools to make product visualization and design come to life in 3D forms. OmniVue® 3D combines spin 360 product viewing; multi.