Home Decoration Using Plants

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5 ways to bring vintage Filipiniana decor into your home - Rappler
The best part is, old furniture and decor come with all kinds of personal stories, making them downright impossible to part with . But how does one keep that priceless heirloom piece (or the entire ancestral home ) without feeling like you're living in.

Millennials are filling their homes β€” and the void in their hearts β€” with houseplants - Chicago Tribune
In this aspirational landscape, outlandishly and photographically lush is ideal, and filling your home with plants is "urban wilding." In less enlightened times, we probably would have just called it " decorating ." Annie Dornan-Smith, a 22-year-old.

Inside a Local Design Star's Southwest-Inspired Mountlake Terrace Home - Seattlemag
It was no accident that once Moorea Seal designed her Mountlake Terrace home , she filled the space with items that tell a lot about who she is. Best known for the rustic-chic curated collection of women's clothing items, accessories and home decor.

Fabulous Fall Home Tours
On this last Friday of September, I’m participating with seven other bloggers in The Fabulous Fall Home Tours. Lots of affordable ... but you can never go wrong using 3 of anything in decorating. Moving on… pinecones are something I have in abundance.

DeGroot: City's flower budget alone amounts to millions of dollars - Sarnia Observer
Chicago's Millennium Park is not actually a horticultural showpiece, but rather a perfectly acoustical open-air amphitheatre with a spacious great lawn, and home to a full schedule of performances. At the river side of ... Noticeably in contrast to.

How to do home staging - Albany Times Union
By now you know to clear off the refrigerator and shut the lid on the toilet before you take pictures of a house you want to sell. But a little extra effort can help your house sell faster. According to a March survey of Realtors by the National.

Consumer Watch: Toxic house plants - KOKH FOX25
β€œI always recommend to people when they do have young children or young pets -- or if they are concerned about their pet or child getting into some plants , to maybe keep them separate,” says Kristy Rutland, TLC Garden Centers green house manager.

Oklahoma City area home and garden notes - NewsOK.com
The three types of garlic β€” stiffneck, softneck and great-headed β€” will be discussed, along with planting, maintenance and harvesting tips, each participant will head home with a clove of each type to take home and plant . Cost is $8 for members and.

Here Is How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant at Home and How to Use It to Prevent and Treat Various Diseases!
Aloe Vera plant is more than decoration. Its use can be traced back 6,000 years to early Egypt. This incredible plant has powerful healing properties and has been used as a remedy for treating different ailments. How to Take Aloe Orally: Aloe Vera helps.

Houseplants are making a comeback as home decor - Albany Times Union
Houseplants make your home healthier, but more than that, they give their owners something to care for that isn't as high-stakes as a puppy or a kitten. Easy-care tropical plants like philodendron and pothos remain popular, along with trendy plants.

Small-Bedroom Decorating Ideas for When Your Bed Takes Up the Whole Damn Room - Architectural Digest
You don't have a nightstand anymore anyways.) Instead, choose a sconce to hang on the wall above your bed, ideally one with a swinging arm that can be adjusted to direct light downwards (for reading) or into the rest of the room (for dance parties.

How to make your own plant containers, get this book - OCRegister
β€œWe wanted a home store for the garden. We emphasized decor . I loved plants , but I'm not a plant person. I looked at the yard and saw how to decorate it.” They agreed on one thing – wanting to come up with a place where people could shop for the.