Home Decoration For Diwali Diyas

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Give your home a Diwali facelift
While a home lit with diyas is ideal, when the diyas too wear a festive look ... The session will also teach them other easy Diwali decor ideas, like making lanterns, torans, and rangolis. Don't throw away those old wine bottles. Skip the generic.

FIVE totally simple and really cool Diwali decoration ideas
your home with lovely little elements that reflect the joy and revelry of the occasion. So as you prepare to begin the festivities, here are a few fun decorations ideas to usher in the Diwali celebrations. Small individual diyas, 4-5 diyas arranged.

Bright Decor Ideas for a Happy Diwali
Here's how you can plan and recreate a much-loved space of your home for a colourful Diwali ... of the space for sure. And since Diwali is the festival of lights, you shouldn't restrict yourself to the outdoor diyas and strings of lights and lanterns.

No crackers to eco-friendly decorations: Three easy steps to a guilt-free Diwali
Here are three ways to ensure that this year's Diwali is a guilt-free experience. Crackers: The first step to a guilt-free Diwali is getting ... the house with diyas, since that is where the true essence of Diwali lies. For decorations, the number of.

Diwali Special: 10 Best decoration ideas for your home
diyas and earthen pots. Get creative this Diwali with paper cups. Cut paper cups into floral shapes, paint them and stick them together. Now add light bulbs to the cups and light chain. For those who want a simple decoration, you can light up your house.

Diwali 2017 Festival: 10 best Diwali decoration ideas
Lighting diyas, making rangoli designs, putting up lanterns are some of the many ways of setting the celebratory aura. To make sure you don’t fall short of ideas this season, we have curated a list of 10 ways of decorating your home this Diwali.

Decorating for Diwali
I also hang white strands of lights for Diwali and then leave ... If you want decor inspiration, you could spent hours on Pinterest. Here are some of the best pinboards I’ve found chock-full of Diwali decorating ideas. 1. Diwali Decor Ideas by Prismma.

Making your Diwali shopping list? Here are five home décor pieces to invest in
Diwali brings with it reasons to indulge the shopaholic in you. But as you begin your festive shopping this season, look for more than just playful cushions, and temporary decor ... home with imperial chandeliers or bring home filament lamps, give the.

Quick Diwali decor for your home
Decorate your home with diyas, torans and kandeels. Diwali is synonymous with diyas, kandeels and torans. The sheer variety of these items available in the markets these days is inspiring, for you can do a lot with them when it comes to decorating your.

Going green with Diwali
With everybody out to celebrate Diwali we ask TV actors how they are planning to celebrate the festival of lights in an eco-friendly way... Diyas will be a part of my home decor. I avoid electric lights as much as possible and less of electricity.