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The Future of Zero-Gravity Living Is Here - Smithsonian
At two G, you have a sensation of being pinned down . The last 27 seconds .... In April 2016, the company outfitted the Space Station with an automated 3-D printer that produces several test items a week for NASA and other customers using designs beamed.

America’s Next Spaceship
In this “mid-fidelity” mockup, the interior is white and spare ... have the option to come home pretty quickly.” So the Orion design includes many levels of redundancies and “down modes,” says Lockheed’s Lacefield. “We could lose [Orion.

New Burger King with 'garden grill interior' will open Monday in Harrison - Tribune-Review
TOMS King owner Matt Carpenter said his franchise owns and operates seven Burger Kings in Pennsylvania and is in the process of developing more. He said Harrison's Natrona Heights neighborhood was an ideal spot for a Burger King, based on a number&nbsp.

Meet the Designers of the Future - Architectural Digest
Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami, the husband-and-wife founders of Studio Swine, are always down for an expedition. Speaking from their London home, the designers recall one of their farthest-flung trips to date: a voyage deep into the Amazonian&nbsp.

The Viral Real Estate Ad Featuring World's Most Horrifying Interior Design is an Art Project - Atlas Obscura
Both houses have been toned down since Synkov lived in them (in the late '90s/early 2000s), but if the aesthetic appeals to you, his home design website is still up. (Whether it's actually taking clients is less clear; the “client relationships.

What Could We Lose if a NASA Climate Mission Goes Dark?
It wasn’t from the nonstop news coverage on CNN and elsewhere; it was from the transmissions that lay behind it, in the pulses of information coming down from ... off the Earth sensors on an orbiting spacecraft, Dscovr, to save $1.2 million.

Suburb Designs Its Neighborhood around JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth - Big Think
Want to move to Middle- Earth ? It'll cost you. You need well over half a million euros to afford a house at Gimli, Legolas or Celeborn. But the one at Palantir will only set you back only €320,000, and the houses on Tolkien Avenue start from as little.

Bridge the planetary divide -
Upstairs, at its surface, Earth is rich in molecular oxygen. O 2 is the second-most abundant gas in the atmosphere, making up 21% of our air. It reacts readily, so most of Earth's surface is oxidized. Downstairs, by contrast, in Earth's interior.

Announcing The United States Of Innovation 2017 - Fast Company
Change doesn't have to happen from the top down . Even as shifts in ... Brick + Board transforms salvaged hardware and reclaimed wood and brick in Maryland into covetable products to sell to designers , architects, and homeowners. [Illustration: Adam Avery.

These Design Champs Are Having Their Moment in the Sun - Smithsonian
The National Design Awards honor 11 individuals and organizations described by Cooper-Hewitt director Caroline Baumann as having “elevated our understanding of what great American design is and what it can do to improve the world.” (Cooper Hewitt&nbsp.

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