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Consultation on A4 cycle path in addition to CS9 -
Of course it needs to close firmly for security reasons but I suggested a DIY fix which I hope will mitigate the noise. This will likely get me hung, drawn and quartered if Housing find out but anyway, I hope it works (must check if she's tried it.

For Rentals, a Reversible Renovation - New York Times
And who wants to invest in home improvements when moving out is inevitable — and possibly sooner rather than later? Yet it is possible to make a place your own without spending a lot or even painting. Here are some simple and reversible things you can&nbsp.

Tongue and Groove Ceiling - no Insulation and really HOT! -
We own a mid-century modern home , built in 1964 (ish) in the Los Angeles area. When we bought the house, the tongue and groove ceilings were covered up with wood paneling in order to add insulation. We recently remodeled the house and took out the&nbsp.

Kitchen ceiling lights -
Bought new lights for kitchen. When the current florescent lights were taken down there were 2 square holes behind both fixtures. Must have been recessed ceiling lights before? Had electrician mount the 2 new lights. Had to block both sides. But now I.

HomeWork: Upcoming tour will offer home renovation inspiration - Seattle Times
This year, the Remodeled Homes Tour is showing off 17 freshly renovated homes as completed by some of the region's premier remodeling companies. As a bonus, Dunn Lumber is opening up its new state-of-the-art Bellevue showroom for guests and&nbsp.

Yes, You CAN Fix It Yourself - AARP News
From paint jobs to garbage disposals — don't get overwhelmed by the little projects around the house. Some are really DIY . Blow Away A/C Woes. Air conditioner not working well? Look for leaves and debris that have been sucked into the exterior unit.

Amazon Just Did Something to Home Improvement Retailers That It Also Did to Costco -
That would be bad news for companies like Home Depot and Lowe's. However, Cramer also said that, while paint still did well, it was not as strong as other segments in the DIY category. That could suggest that it's an industry-specific worry and not as.

Radon vent, need it? Fan necessary? -
I've got a vent pipe that ends about a inch below the lowest corner in my unfinished basement. It vents up and out the roof with no cap or anything. I don't see any fan or anything on it. I could install a Home Depot radon fan for $170&nbsp.

The best security cameras for home 2017 - Tech Advisor (registration)
The Mini Plus is a great home security camera that works reliably and offers very good quality video. We'd like to see some improvements in the app both in terms of the interface and also to add some of the advanced options that you get only in the.

6 Easy DIY Projects That Will Boost Your Home's Value - (press release)
Outdoor/exterior lighting adds value to your home in three important ways. First, it helps keep you and your family safe. It's important to be able to see where you are going to avoid a fall. Second, it adds a layer of security. Keeping your property.

Latino Active Transportation: Reinvigorating Walking in US Suburbs - Streetsblog California (blog)
Nowhere else in the Latino vernacular home is Mexican use of space so illuminated and celebrated as in the enclosed front yard or plaza. The personalization of la yarda by the residents, along with the enclosing fences, has greatly changed the.

DIY Projects for the Whole Family - Akron Beacon Journal
Even smaller projects like these can be a good start for getting them a head start when it comes to home renovation knowledge, but safety should always be the number one concern. Finally, let your kids change up things in their bedrooms if you really.

The Starter Tool Kit - New York Times
Whether you live in a new apartment in the city or a century-old house in the suburbs, eventually you will need to do some home improvements . .... More aggressive D.I.Y. -ers might want to splurge on the aluminum Sola MM 5 25 (about $42). UTILITY KNIFE&nbsp.

Scammers Are Targeting People With Lost Pets
If you give them money, you’ll never hear from them again. If you’ve ever had a cat escape and run away from home, you know how upsetting it can be. Aside… The BBB offers a few helpful suggestions you can follow to avoid these scams, however.

Lowe's Efforts To Retool Its Stores May Backfire, Say Employees - Fast Company
12 Secrets to Shopping at Home Depot Kiplinger Personal Finance.