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'We have been robbed of a comical genius': Top impressionist Ronni Ancona pays tribute to Sean Hughes who wrote ... - Daily Mail
The comic revealed how he wanted to have his ashes 'scattered in a bar ' in a poignant poem he wrote about his own death 13 years ago. In a poem entitled 'Death' from his 1994 'Sean's Book' the comedian wrote about how he would like to be laid to rest.

No glasses? Build your own eclipse-viewing box - FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay
quot;Imagine almost like a magnifying glass. The 10-year-old boy that looks at an ant using a magnifying glass. The same effect can happen in your eye," explained Dr. Sam Teske, owner of Eye Doctors of New Tampa. "The issue is called solar retinopathy.

'NBA 2K18' MyCareer, The Neighborhood, MyTeam And Create-A-Player And Impressions - Forbes
NBA 2k18 OFFICIAL RATINGS! Every Single Player Rating In The Game ft. NEW Legends! - YouTube YouTube.

10 Trends Shaping Travel Marketing Today - Adweek
You can save your favorite clips and pass them on to your personal “travel designer,” who'll use them to create your perfect break. It's also an example of the way the borders between journalism, marketing and “content” are beginning to blur. The.

How to get a kitchen that will sell your home: Why a dream cooking, eating and living space attracts buyers - Daily Mail
We take a look at how to get your kitchen to sell your home and get some tips from flat-fee online estate agent YOPA's Emma Peake on what buyers want. ... Kitchen renovations can even encourage healthier eating habits, according to research by design.

The Benefits of Showing Off Your Workplace on Social Media
Is your business visually stunning, with an adaptable, open space filled with biophilic design elements that get your employees ... Is there a Third Place on your campus, the place that's not the office or home, like a coffee shop or café, where people.

Paint and cocktails work together in DIY sign-making workshops from Anchor & Co. -
Anchor and Co. have plenty of designs to choose from, or you can choose your own design and colour scheme for the wooden sign you create . (Photo: Anchor & Co.) Facilitated by ... Essentially, the concept is this: You sign up online for a workshop date.

Create your own Milk Bar at home
And now you can make all these decadent treats at home with Milk Bar by Christina Tosi ... This book is a must to add to your collection, not only for the gorgeous recipes and delicious photography, but for changing the way you think about the ingredients.

Apple's iPhone X notch is an odd design choice - The Verge
While the iPhone X design was leaked several times before Apple was able to officially unveil it, the company revealed this week that it is fully embracing the notch and not hiding it away with software. It's a move that has generated a lot of.

4 Ways Beauty Sets The Bar For Leveraging User-Generated Content - Forbes
The user interfaces weren't all that, retailers struggled to own a moderator role without becoming too sales-y, and they didn't really have an organizational structure to provide a home for people who were responsible for “customer engagement” outside.

The next revolution will be reclaiming your digital identity
It is counter-intuitive, but the reality is that we don’t really own ourselves (in the digital sense). Though we can edit the profiles we create ... be your date of birth at a bar, your credit score at a bank or a unique identifier to access an online.

Less Is More: The Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle - Zing! Blog by Quicken Loans (blog)
Oftentimes images of empty living rooms – save a single chair – come into our minds and we're confused as to how such an open space could create a peaceful atmosphere. We reached out to interior ... The benefits you may reap from minimalism are.