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8 Popular Landing Page Designs: Which Types Work Best?
Minimalist design? How much copy? Why not square landing page designs ... audio/video” is the most common reason they leave a website: Image via KoMarketing (PDF) The same report later details how B2B buyers don’t like websites loaded with distractions.

Are 'sponge cities' the solution to urban flooding?
There's another huge advantage to sponge cities: Most of the flooding mitigation tactics create cooling too. Primarily this is due to using water where it falls. Plants that have absorbed the water caught in place release it into the air as it gets warmer.

Puerto Rican Designer Creates Website to Teach People How to Make Swimsuits
Offers PDF ... a home printer. "We have sold PDF patterns to customers from countries like Italy, England, Canada, Russia and, of course, the United States and Puerto Rico. Our clients always have good comments about how our work has helped them create.

Case Study: An Introduction to Code Ocean—Creating and Uploading Content into Overleaf
Additionally, screen images incorporated within this article will, of course, reflect the design of Code Ocean’s interface at ... that can be used to reproduce the results and create new work based on the research.” Source:

9 Spaces That Will Inspire Your Fall Home Décor
Image via Design*Sponge Go light ... looks in this beautiful farm home. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the décor and creates a lovely statement. Image via Liz Marie Blog Layer it up: Pick a spot in your home to create a cozy fall nook (or do.

Make it Work: 8 Beautiful Bedrooms that Include Home Offices
collected home in Silver Lake. Open shelving is used above to maximize wall space. (Image credit: Gabriella Palumbo via Design Sponge) In the above London flat, featured on Design*Sponge, a relatively open desk with a few drawers provides storage without.

Professional Resume 4 Pages
We create templates that help you make a lasting impression when applying for your dream career. We aim for sophistication and elegance with a modern twist, combined with a thoughtful design ... at home using your favorite choice of paper! Create a PDF.

12 cleaner alternatives to things you use every day
Maintaining our home, ourselves, and our possessions ... closed environment for bacteria to grow. Your kitchen sponge is likely dirtier than your toilet. Similar to toothbrush covers that create a great environment for bacteria, common household sponges.

Playful and Layered Design in a Family’s Historic Connecticut Home
To accompany some of her time as a new stay-at-home-mom, she started blogging about her style and unique design ideas. She writes about fixing ... Charlotte’s main goal is to create spaces that are colorful, fun and reflective of her young and energetic.

New iPhones may spur a surge in AR tech
It's not so hard that it's impossible," said Jeff Kelley, an iOS developer at app design and development ... wall sticker might look in their home. In order for it to work, though, users first had to print a PDF and stick it to their wall as a physical.