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45/90 degree - the angle of the male ground glass ... maximum diffusion and minimal splashback. Try to see if the design of the ashcatcher is tall enough to prevent this, or if there is some type of splash guard integrated into the design.

Club Octagon in Seoul, Republic Of Korea by Urbantainer Co., Ltd
Urbantainer developed a new type of multi-space for entertainment ... and details following the octagonal motif and setting the design guidelines using only 45, 90, and 135 degree angles throughout the entire space. The octagonal shape also allowed.

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The button-rifled barrel is triple-checked for interior finish and straightness ... These magnificent rifles come in your choice of .45-70, .45-90, Turnbull .475, or .50-110 caliber. Visit To commemorate its 70th anniversary, Weatherby.

Production and Properties of Curve Plywood 1.0 INTRODUCTION Plywood is a ... though many better quality plywood products will by design have five ply’s in steps of 45 degrees (0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees), giving strength in multiple axes.

Design ... interior space The window acts as a ‘nostril’. COMPARATIVE STUDY ON NATURAL VENTILATION BETWEEN TRADITIONAL HOUSES AND LOW-COST HOUSING IN MALAYSIA . COMPARISON OF WINDOW OPENINGS 20.8 % (Opening Area for Living/Dining) .3% (Opening Area for.

why aren't porro prisms more often cemented?
I'm assuming you mean the Porro I type ... of the faces (45-90-45) and the tilt that results in a very gently sloping section of a pyramid, which usually necessitates some small rotation to eliminate 'lean', or a departure from 180 degrees in image.

Club Octagon / Urbantainer
Urbantainer developed a new type of multi-space for entertainment, socializing, and subculture that was lacking in the South Korean market. Conceptually every detail of Club Octagon ... the design guidelines using only 45, 90, and 135 degree angles.

The Traditional Malay House
From the case study will found out the climatic effect of using contemporary materials in the traditional Malay house by the ... for the sloping degrees and regarding the tebar layar on the gable ends of the roof were modified the design or closed with.

Modeling some composite laminates subjected to temperature and humidity variations
An adaptive sliding controller will be proposed for the control of an interior permanent-magnet (IPM) synchronous motor-drive. A backstepping-like design is used to deal ... spatially shifted by 30 electrical degrees. The major disadvantage.

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