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Architecture firm Lorax Design Group uses 3D printed scale models for high-end landscape and pool design - (blog)
Unlike most 3D design processes, CAD software isn't used. Instead, the team relies on a number of different 2D renderings from different angles to build up its final 3D plan. This is then sent to the team's in- house Ultimaker 2 for printing, usually.

What to expect from Apple's September 12 event - Ars Technica
Apple's OLED iPhone WILL Be Called The iPhone Edition (iPhone 7s is DEAD) Know Your Mobile.

3D Printing Fuels Innovation for Future Doctors - Machine Design
By taking advantage of 3D printing technology to better prepare doctors with tangible accurate models, the two doctors wanted to start the first dedicated 3D printing and design program for future doctors within a medical school. According to the.

The pitfalls and potential of inexpensive 3D scanning solutions - Ars Technica
Ars puts five home 3D scanning options to the ultimate test—scanning kids and clay cats. Bill Loguidice - 6/17/2017, ... So let's look closer at two of the main personal 3D scanning categories available: software - or hardware-based solutions that work.

iPhone X: Software leak appears to confirm name, features, and specs
Unlike the iPhone 8, the iPhone X features an all-new design with an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display that removes the chunky bezels and home button. The design—which was originally shown in a separate software leak earlier this year—is a dramatic.

Three (very) young inventors using 3D printing to change the world - Popular Science
Most recently, Popular Science met three creators—11-year-old Jordan Reeves, 15-year-old Jakob Sperry, and 17-year-old Alexis Lewis—at a showcase hosted by Autodesk, a manufacturer of 3D design software . Each of these young inventors had a different.

Win 3D printers in a new competition from Vectary and MyMiniFactory
Community 3D printing platform, MyMiniFactory has launched a new competition with 3D design software Vectary ... back to MyMiniFactory for the community to download and 3D print at home. In light of this partnership, MyMiniFactory and Vectary have teamed.

This new virtual reality tool could transform how we design cars - CNN
CNN) Google opened a new world of VR possibilities when it introduced the 3D painting app Tilt Brush in 2016. Targeting the worlds of art and design (Google recently launched its own artist in residence program ), the software has shown what can happen&nbsp.

3D Printing News ICYMI: First 3D printed home, 3D Systems, Konica Minolta, Tripodmaker's 3D printed rocket, NTU, more - (blog)
The Dremel 3D printing technology will allow students to learn more about design processes. In combination with the MyStemKits program , they will learn about the abstract concepts as well as getting practical, hands-on experience of building models.

Tons of features of iPhone 8, iPhone X detailed in leaked iOS 11 build - TechCrunch
The top iPhone 8 rumors, ranked from most to least plausible The Verge.

What software is used to design adigital poster?
3D graphics are usual…ly created in one of the high-end ... Another mentioned is Web Studio 5.0. WebPlus X5 + Hosting + SubDomain is another program used for web desig…n. Home design software is used by those who want to redesign, or design for the.