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The Home Front: Dorm room decor - Vancouver Sun
“A good mattress will last for years, and take your child from university into their first apartment , and on past that. If you have the time, you can do the searching and find a great mattress on sale for the same ... Creating a gallery wall with.

Interior Decoration Tips To Maximize A Small Apartment: La Carmina Studio. - Huffington Post
In a small apartment , every accent draws the eye — starting at the front entrance. I replaced my utilitarian welcome mat with a Swedish Pappelina rug from Scandaffaren, purveyors of Scandinavian decor . This slim runner has an appealing starry design.

Brooklyn apartment gets chic interior design by local studio Matter - Curbed
Matter was tasked with decorating the two-bedroom-two-bath show apartment with its collection of bold and colorful contemporary design . Furniture, lighting, and accessories from its brand Matter Made as well as from other international designers add.

Harlem Welcomes Manhattan's First Passive House - Architectural Digest
On the first Earth Day in 1970, a young Chris Benedict picked up trash in her Connecticut hometown—but little did she know the impact it would make on her future architecture career. "I couldn't understand how people could just throw stuff away out.

In Tight Quarters? Look Up - New York Times
“Ceilings are one of the most unused surfaces in apartments , and it's pretty valuable real estate,” said Neila Deen, founder and president of Urban Casa, a city-based interior design company that specializes in apartment living. “Especially in a.

Fall in Love with this Vintage Style Decor Apartment
This vintage style decor apartment in São Paulo ... Boards and find out the most outstanding vintage industrial style inspirations concerning interior design, arts, and lifestyle.

In Kelly Devine's Apartment, Even the Furniture Has to Audition - New York Times
“I lived mostly in apartments in L.A.,” said Ms. Devine, who now shares a two-bedroom condominium on the Upper West Side with her husband, Rodney Rigby, a producer of “Come From Away,” and two miniature goldendoodles. “I'm comfortable knowing&nbsp.

Ashley Hicks Revitalizes His Father's Beloved London Apartment - Architectural Digest
The so-called “set” (Albany parlance from Georgian times, back when “ apartment ” meant a single room and a set of apartments designated a suite for living) had been decorated , twice, in the uncompromising taste of his father, who died in 1998. Ashley.

25 Design Tricks That Changed the Way We Decorate - Architectural Digest
hide it—which will look super glamorous to boot. It may seem difficult, but you'll need only a staple gun to pull it off. See how a new world of possibilities just opened up? The following 25 design tricks are not just clever, they'll change the.

Small Apartment Got A Complete Remodel And A New Attic Room
The walls throughout the apartment are either white or a soft pastel color and the overall decor is a bright, open and airy one. View in gallery The interior design is simple throughout the apartment, featuring neutral colors and simple materials The.