Cool arduino projects from home automation to rocket control design

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How to Automate Your Home Without Rewiring - IEEE Spectrum
Then I used the Arduino IDE to program the controller , thanks to the community of hackers who have made definition files and libraries for the ATTiny series in addition to the ATmegas that grace regulation Arduino boards. (There is one minor factor-of.

The Making of Arduino
Photo: Massimo Banzi The first prototype board, made in 2005, was a simple design ... connectivity to control a display or robot, for example. Enthusiasts say that the added Android capability opens up the possibilities for Arduino projects even more.

First Open-Source RISC-V Chip Arrives - Electronic Design
The chip can be found on the HiFive1 Arduino -compatible board (Fig. 2). It is available for $59 at the CrowdSupply project site. The chip is tiny compared to the Future Technology Devices International's (FTDI) USB controller used for programming support.

BluBug Internet Of Things Wireless Programming Shield (video) - Geeky Gadgets
No more hassle of plugging the Arduino to your PC – upload a code from the Arduino IDE wirelessly over Bluetooth. BluBug comes with an Android app for controlling robots via a virtual joystick, switching relays to make your home automation dream a.

Hands-on With TurtleBot 3, a Powerful Little Robot for Learning ROS - IEEE Spectrum
In both models, the single-board computer interfaces with a control board, powered by an ARM Cortex-M7, to which the servos and battery are connected. This board, developed by Robotis and called OpenCR, is programmable with the Arduino software&nbsp.

Engineer Spotlight: The Pi Platter Team on Developing Raspberry Pi Zero Shields - All About Circuits
Home · News; Engineer Spotlight: The Pi Platter Team on Developing Raspberry Pi Zero Shields ... The Pi passed the Commodore 64 as the third best -selling computer of all time, the Raspberry Pi celebrated its fifth birthday, and the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Pick machines, not processes - Control Design
After just a few process control projects were under my belt, I had several experiences that solidified my thoughts on machine vs. process. Machines are better. Process control can be ... Watching automation operate in an automotive manufacturing.

Raspberry Pi Internet Of Things Motion Detecting Music System (video) - Geeky Gadgets
Internet of Things developers Naran have published a new Raspberry Pi project via the Instructables website which provides details on how you can create a motion detecting music system using the awesome mini PC. The project harnesses the power of the&nbsp.

From Napkin to Final Product, One PCB Design's Journey (Part 1) - Machine Design
I wanted to practice at home . I took a journey to the arcade and measured every single feature of the arcade fight sticks: Distance of all the buttons from one another, between player one and two, size of the table they were on. I returned home and.

Space engineers needed: Nat Geo documents our mission to 'Mars' - Control Design
The six-part miniseries brings together some of the best minds in modern science and innovation, illuminating how research and development are creating the space technology that will enable our first attempt at a mission to Mars. And it is leading the.

In FutureLearn's MOOCs, Conversation Powers Learning at Massive Scale - IEEE Spectrum
It is a blueprint for designing educational technology. Pask himself developed teaching machines that conversed with students in a formalized language, represented as dynamic maps of interconnected concepts. He also introduced conversational teaching&nbsp.

Spreading the Maker Gospel to Kids and Families - Machine Design
Govil sat down with Machine Design to discuss STEAM education, the maker movement, and how we can move forward with educating our students. Govil talks a little about her background, Cisco DevNet for kids, and incorporating STEAM into students'&nbsp.

How Arduino And Raspberry Pi Can Enhance Your Connected Home
And since you’re retaining total control of your connected devices, you can double down on security measures to your heart’s content. Here are some of the ways to implement connected home features on a DIY device like Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

From the house to the island: How M2M can cut electricity use
The project ... a clever remote control for your house." The key technologies for the home automation systems that will talk to the smart meter, and then to the utility companies, will be based around Stanford-Clark's original home design and will use.