Cool Arduino Projects From Home Automation To Rocket Control Design

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From the house to the island: How M2M can cut electricity use
The project ... a clever remote control for your house." The key technologies for the home automation systems that will talk to the smart meter, and then to the utility companies, will be based around Stanford-Clark's original home design and will use.

Hams in Space: Project OSCAR - Hackaday
In early December 1961, a United States Air Force rocket took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California carrying a special payload. The main payload was a Corona surveillance satellite, but tucked just aft of that spacecraft was a tiny package.

Data Logging; Everyone's Doing It, Why Aren't You? - Hackaday
In part, SpaceX's success in landing their first stage rockets is due to analysis of telemetry data. You can see some of the ... But any way you look at it, people who are serious about building and maintaining complex and robust systems include data.

How Can I Get Started with Home Automation?
Buying a box to control your home automation setup ... with any kind of Arduino/Raspberry Pi project, you should probably have a bit of programming background, some familiarity with electronics, and some time set aside to design your system.

Optimizing Crop Yield With IoT - Hackaday
To demonstrate how the system could be used in an automated sense, they hooked up another Arduino (this time a Leonardo), to pour water once the moisture levels dropped below a certain threshold. Crop Squares won the Best Pitch Award as well as the&nbsp.

Apple HomeKit Requires ID Chip - EE Times
For instance, Intel's IoTivity implementation of the OIC specs supports CoAP, MQTT and RESTful apis as well as Linux, Tizen and Arduino . AllSeen, also hosted by the Linux Foundation, supports multiple operating systems and APIs and D-Bus for message&nbsp.

Engineer Spotlight: The Pi Platter Team on Developing Raspberry Pi Zero Shields - All About Circuits
Home · News; Engineer Spotlight: The Pi Platter Team on Developing Raspberry Pi Zero Shields ... The Pi passed the Commodore 64 as the third best -selling computer of all time, the Raspberry Pi celebrated its fifth birthday, and the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Row Bots Test Whether Human Rowers Have Been Doing It Wrong - IEEE Spectrum
Rather than try and work out all the physics and make some sort of numbery, hand-wavy abstract assertion, the researchers built a 1/10 scale racing boat with eight little Arduino - controlled robotic rowers. The 2-meter long fiberglass model has the same.

The Best of Maker Faire Bay Area 2015
They’re all under the control of Roe’s PC and Visual Show Automation software ... “Yes– that would be cool.” Together, they started The CoasterDad Project and this year’s Maker Faire showcased the roller coaster they built in their front.

These Systems Let You Monitor Your Garden Without Setting Foot Outside
Acting as the software brain for an Arduino-based microprocessor ... exploding remote garden monitoring market (itself a component of the rapidly expanding home automation movement in general). But they all require either a fair amount of setup time.

When to Use the Intel Edison Board - Digit
It's designed to be the perfect hardware for your wireless projects , whether you're using Bluetooth* or Wi-Fi. The Intel® Edison board has more processing power than most other open source boards, but is comparatively smaller in size. You can.

Sweep Is a $250 LIDAR With Range of 40 Meters That Works Outdoors - IEEE Spectrum
Are you building a robot that's supposed to autonomously navigate in a useful way? Cool , that means you'll be needing a LIDAR system, then. For better or worse, it's usually just that straightforward: LIDAR is arguably the best sensor we have right now.

Home Automation: Evolution of a Term - Hackaday
Home automation : for me the term recalls rich dudes in the '80s who could turn off their garage lights with remote- control pads. The stereotype for that era was the more buttons your system had—even non-enabled ones—the more awesome it was, and by&nbsp.

The Engineers of the Future Will Not Resemble the Engineers of the Past - IEEE Spectrum
There will be fewer jobs for people in a world with more automation , he pointed out, and therefore educational systems have to focus on producing tech professionals who do what computers can't do. ... And dramatically changing the introductory.