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The Creepy Reason So Many Southern Porches Are Painted Blue - Reader's Digest
Plus, a soft blue is a great way to use color psychology in your home to make it feel just plain inviting. “I like them because they add softness and interest,” Virginia interior designer Suellen Gregory tells the Washington Post. We can't imagine.

A Psychologist Reveals What Trump's Fixation with Gold Really Means -
On his first day in office, Trump replaced the muted-red curtains President Obama had in the Oval Office with drapes in his signature shade of gold—a color that is featured heavily in both his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, and his New York.

Le Corbusier's Color Theories, Explained - Co.Design (blog)
“ Color theory allows a designer to truly manipulate the interior and reflect the psychological needs of the clients and the task at hand,” says Christine von der Linn, a senior specialist at Swann says. “It outlined color in a very systematic.

Color Matters. 6 Tips on Choosing UI Colors.
Learn 60–30–10 rule This rule, or technique, came from the interior design ... is one of the basic studies helping in design workflow. There is a branch of psychology showing the influence of colors on human mood and behavior called color psychology.

A tinge of color, a hint of home -
When you still can't decide on a color despite multiple trials, it might be time to ask a professional. Many interior designers and architects can help you determine your vision and suggest options for your home. An artist may also help with the color.

A look inside Google's biophilic Chicago offices - GreenBiz
True biophilic design goes much further and deeper, drawing on the intrinsic psychology that is mapped in our brains calling for us to be connected deeply to the natural world. Embedded within the Living Building Challenge program since the beginning.

Mystery Solved! So That's Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue - Bravo (blog)
According to Boeing, color — and the science behind it — is a key consideration in airplane interior design . “ Color psychology plays an important role in developing the overall look,” Boeing notes on its website. “Studies show that people in.

Serene and soothing, blue doors open the way to a new home trend - The Advocate
“As far as curb appeal goes, a monochromatic home exterior depends on the color of the front door to convey a feeling about the house, the homeowner, and what is behind the door once you have entered,” said Louis Aubert, a color consultant and interior.

How color choices impact the feel of your interior design
To help you tackle the color challenge, we’ll break down the basics of color psychology, recommend color choices ... looking at the most common colors typically picked in interior design: whites, greys, blues and earth tones like green and brown.

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A study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology showed that red has an adverse effect on, say, SAT performance because it tends to make people anxious and more likely to second-guess themselves. Blue, on the other ... Even if you bought them at the.

Women in Business Q&A: Gillian C. Rose, ASID, AIA, CMG, IACC NA - Huffington Post
Gillian C. Rose is a New York-based interior designer and color expert, drawing on several years of professional experience in design practice, as well as formal training from Parsons School of Design. An accredited member of the International.

This Graphic Explains the Connection Between Color and Emotion
This chart breaks down some of those connections between color and emotion, and shows you which colors to choose for the overall atmosphere you're going for. Remember, the connections between color and emotion are part art and part psychology, so don't.

Designing With Color
LEATRICE EISEMAN: In general, people come from many different directions, some artistic with a flair for color, many from the interior design or fashion fields. Others, like me, are a combination of the above. Academically, my degrees are in psychology.

The Psychology of Color - Virginia Connection Newspapers
Part of designing a space is using color to create mood and feel, says interior designer Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design. In fact, she employed this technique when designing a kitchen space for a recent client. Her goal was to create a room that would.