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Microsoft is redesigning Outlook for Mac and Windows - The Verge
Microsoft is working on a beautiful new redesign for the Outlook desktop app MSPoweruser.

12 Common UX Design Myths That Need to Go in 2018
but at home. Why? Well, a smartphone is just much more handy to hold while laying on the sofa. What does this mean for good UX design? You need not make assumptions about where your mobile users actually are. 8. People don’t scroll. First of all.

Wavebox is the most powerful Mac email client I've ever used - The Verge
The perfect email app is a bit of a unicorn. Countless companies and startups have tried, and many have failed, to perfect the inbox experience and make peace with email and its soul-crushing inevitability in our modern digital lives. The goal is to.

The best PDF editors for 2017 - Tech Advisor
But while some PDF reader software allows you to annotate or add comments, such as the free Foxit Reader, sometimes you need to edit the actual PDF itself. This is possible with the tools below, even if a different program was used to make the file in.

Visual Studio for Mac, finally! - 9to5Mac
It's natively designed for macOS, so both the design – from the toolbar to the file dialogs – and the developer workflow should feel right at home to Mac users. It is also a best -in-class advanced C# code editor – with IntelliSense and a refactoring.

iOS 11: the eight best new features for your iPhone and iPad - The Guardian
iOS 11 review: 10 things to try The Verge.

The 8 Best Hits and Worst Misses of Apple WWDC 2017 - DesignNews
The iPad is now basically Apple's cheapest MacBook laptop Quartz.

8 free Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools for Windows and Mac
There is enterprise-level software for surveying Wi-Fi networks, but even in large wireless networks, simple freeware tools are handy for a quick peek at the airwaves during design ... and Mac OS X. It’s a slimmed down version of their paid home and.

Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: Smart Speaker Showdown - PCMag
HomePod reinvents music in the home Apple Newsroom (press release.

Best Antivirus 2017: Free & Paid Antivirus Reviews - Tech Advisor
The best solution is to install antivirus protection, and you'll be pleased to hear it doesn't have to cost you loads. Antivirus software detects, and then prevents, disarms or removes malicious programs or malware, often referred to as 'viruses.