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HomeWork: Tools that every DIY homeowner should have
I’d like to help by listing a basic selection of tools I feel would be the handiest to you and ... and HomeWork is the group’s weekly column. If you have a home improvement, remodeling or residential homebuilding question you’d like answered by.

Please appreciate these good people explaining basic science to Tim Allen - AV Club
Tim Allen, the Home Improvement actor determined to define his late career by putting the “ tool ” back in “ Tool Time,” doesn't understand evolution. That's too bad on its own, considering it's something most people need a cursory understanding of to.

If you don't own any power tools, or are confused by the variations available, here are some basic choices to consider. Drills Electric drills are by far the most popular power tools. The reasons are simple: they perform an often-needed task, drilling.

Seven Low-Cost Home Improvements That Make a Huge Difference - How-To Geek (blog)
Renovating a living space can get real expensive real quick, especially if you're remodeling an entire kitchen or bathroom. However, there are a ton of low-cost home improvement projects that you can tackle yourself and that make a huge difference.

The Starter Tool Kit - New York Times
At a minimum, a good starter set will include a hammer, a tape measure, a screwdriver and bits, hex wrenches (also known as Allen wrenches), needle-nose pliers and a utility knife, said Mr. Sawyer, who has restored historic homes and has been an editor.

10 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive - News
Next to the kitchen, the living room is arguably the most important room in the home . True to its name, it's where life happens. It's where guests gather, where you spend lazy evenings by the fire (or basking in the soft glow of Netflix—no judgment.

Sonoma County Library branches offer DIY tool kits for home energy and water conservation - Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Library card holders who check out the tool kits free of charge for up to three weeks can use their contents — which include low-flow water fixtures, weatherstripping and an infrared laser thermometer — to make minor home improvements with.

5 Simple Home Maintenance Skills Millennials Don't Know (but Totally Should) - News
How to do it: Buy some screen repair patches at any home improvement store or online. Then, cut a square around the damaged area, making sure you're at least half an inch from the frame. Place the screen on a sheet of wax paper to prevent sticking.

Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet - Motherboard
Detroit's renaissance won't happen without each of the city's diverse communities having access to the basic tools of modern work, education, healthcare, and communication. All of Detroit (or, certainly, more than 60 percent) needs access to the.

Tools Of Success For Home-improvement Projects
And even the tiniest condo can feel like a money pit once you start estimating the cost of hiring professionals and purchasing materials for even basic repairs ... prominent role in the home-improvement movement and they want the tools they need to be.

Basic DIY Home-Repair Tool Kit
That flimsy set of three tools that your aunt and uncle got ... you can do just about anything – because now you have home-repair superpowers! These tool sets are organized in.

Home Depot can teach you how to use a tape measure - Treehugger
Many are not well-versed in the art of DIY (beyond Pinterest projects, that is), which has home improvement retailers in a tizzy. The Wall Street Journal has written about the ... There was a time when a person walked into a store like Home Depot and.

8 great kitchen remodeling ideas for under $500 -
A kitchen makeover can add sparkle to a home and enhance its appeal to prospective buyers. The job doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. “A kitchen remodel can be done on any budget,” says Jaclyn Pardini Hartzell, a spokeswoman for Lowe's.

America's Retailers Have a New Target Customer: The 26-Year-Old Millennial - Wall Street Journal
Sources: Zillow (homebuyers, home improvements ); Labor Department (spending). America's Retailers Have a New Target Customer: The 26-Year-Old Millennial. Home Depot executives want to establish stores as an education center so young adults can&nbsp.