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Why Lisn Lost: It Got the Design Right, But It Didn't Get the Right Design. - Entrepreneur
Most startups are merely solutions in search of problems. You might think you know what your users want, and you might even get the design right by building something beautiful. Unless you start with the right design , however, your startup is as good.

Clock is ticking to dry out and salvage flood-damaged possessions left in wake of Hurricane Harvey - Houston Chronicle
If your home has taken on even a small amount of water in the past week's weather events, you're likely wondering if your possessions are salvageable. Don't panic, says Steve Pine, senior ... to a home that sits on a concrete slab. The good news is.

Why Apple's iPhone 7 Headphones Don't Work on the Latest MacBook
It’s an example of Apple making design decisions that impact function for the sake ... I admit, I get a wee bit frustrated when trying to remember which cord goes in which slot for all… Removing the 3.5mm headphone jack was was a positive change.

Meh Car Monday: This Will Be The First Time You've Ever Thought About The Chevy Uplander
It wasn’t even a particularly good minivan design, with a hood longer than it needed to be ... people who saw this and decided to pay real money in exchange for taking one home, to use every day. Somehow, they managed to manifest an emotion that.

Council forced to defend 'hideous' floral tribute to Princess Diana after torrent of criticism - The Independent
This year's #Chesterfield well dressing... - Chesterfield Borough Council | Facebook Facebook.

Japanese design aesthetic makes a surprisingly good fit in a country NSW home - Daily Telegraph
Local architect Sally Sutherland from Source Architects says the couple travel regularly to Japan and love the design sensibility and connection to nature. “In particular, they wanted a Japanese bath, which was discussed in the very first meeting.

Some weird and wonderful moments of NY Fashion Week - WTOP
American idols: New York fashion week round-up Financial Times.

Apple is turning a design quirk into the iPhone X's defining feature - The Verge
Apple wants appmakers to avoid the notch when designing for iPhone X TNW.

Ikea's Doomed Quest To Design A Couch You Can Carry In Your Hands - Co.Design (blog)
You might have seen it, or even dragged it home occasionally. A brown box, so tightly packed and ... Sounds good , right? In the Ikea stores, enthusiasm about the new air furniture was, well, lower, to say the least. The static of the material turned.

Honda Urban EV Concept to go on sale in 2019, but not for North America - Green Car Reports
If there were a favorite car among journalists and car fans at this week's Frankfurt motor show, it may have been a small, all -electric hatchback city car. Which is pretty remarkable, ... But like all good retro designs , the Urban EV is packed with.

Could good home design help fight 'scourge' of Nimbyism? - Property Reporter
Land broker Aston Mead has backed a call for good design in the million new homes which are set to be built before the end of the decade. Director Charles Hesse was responding to comments made last week by Neil Parish, the chairman of the environment&nbsp.

Go Big and Go Home: 6 Tips for Upsizing With No Regrets - News
An example from the not-too-distant past: “When home theater rooms were all the rage, it was a status thing to have a room with a very expensive system and theater chairs,” she says. “But many of those expensive rooms were barely used. That's not the.

The race against heat - The Verge
“There are hundreds of millions of people for whom air conditioning doesn't seem like a luxury good ,” said Michael Greenstone, director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. “It can mean the difference between .... Developers.